Church Employment Articles

  • What It Means to Be a Follower at Work

    by Johny Garner
    Following God at Work Means Following… Your Boss? There’s a lot of talk about what makes a good leader. An Amazon search of “leadership books” revealed over 200,000 results. We hear so much about business, political, and inspirational leaders. When a failing business turns around and becomes successful, we attribute that success to a great plan executed by a heroic leader. Too much focus on leaders lets us forget that leaders ...   Read More
  • 7 Small Changes That Produce Huge Results

    by Ron Edmondson
    Sometimes the smallest changes reap the biggest results. Over the years I’ve come to realize I’ve often done things the wrong way. I’ve tried to make huge changes in my life only to quickly fail. I didn’t keep going. I stopped. Overwhelmed. I tried to change too much too soon. It didn’t work. What I have learned is that when small changes are repeated over time not only are they easier to implement, but they tend to ...   Read More
  • 4 Ways to Have Confidence in Your Calling

    by Luke McElroy
    You’ve probably seen this statistic floating around Facebook recently. The statistic read: 97% of pastors have been betrayed or accused by their trusted friends. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the source of this study, so for all I know, it could be entirely made up. But it did get me thinking, even if this statistic is only half true, that means there’s a lot of uncertainty and doubt that surrounds pastors with it comes to the confidence ...   Read More
  • 7 Reasons We Avoid Progress

    by Ron Edmondson
    We have to be very careful with progress. Progress can be fun. Most leaders want to see progress. Most people do, also. But, as much as we may want – and need – progress, there are reasons we naturally tend to avoid it. Here are 7 reasons we avoid progress: It stretches us – Progress always takes us in areas we’ve never been before. I recently hired a personal trainer. We spend a lot of time stretching. If you stretch ...   Read More
  • Don’t Just Do Something…Stand There!

    by Matthew Pryor
    Some years back, I was meeting with my accountability group at Panera, as was the normal Monday morning ritual. While we were talking, we heard a muffled crash followed by a loud "thump!" We looked over and a man who was likely in his mid-60s had tripped and fallen, knocking his head against the metal frame of the commercial grade windows. As some people rushed to the man's assistance, I blurted out to Greg, one of my accountability partners, "You're ...   Read More
  • The 4 Elements of Courage

    by Daniel Darling
    I recently finished a sermon series in the book of 1 Peter. It's a remarkable book, really. Peter addresses the Church and reminds them they are exiles, they are temporary residents of this world. They belong to another Kingdom, the Kingdom of Christ. At the end of 1 Peter, the apostle closes with a stirring call to courage. You will notice in the text the words, “stand firm” and “be firm.” He encourages the ...   Read More
  • 5 Things You Need to Know about Finding a Mentor

    by Russell Moore
    I often hear from Christians who want to find a mentor, but aren’t sure how to go about that. Often these believers know they would benefit from this kind of relationship, but they don’t know how it starts or what they should be doing. Here is some guidance on finding a mentor:   1. Don’t ask someone to mentor you. Don’t misread me to be suggesting that you shouldn’t seek out a mentor. I’m not saying that. ...   Read More
  • The Loneliness of Leadership

    by Ron Edmondson
    I was talking with a friend one day who was having to make some difficult decisions for the organization he leads. He had confidence the direction he was leading was the right one and, even necessary for the future life of the organization. He had done his homework. He tried to include others in reaching a conclusion. He was acting prayerful, strategic and methodical. But, he also knew the decisions he was about to make would be very unpopular. ...   Read More
  • What to Do When You Don’t Like Your Life Season

    by Janet Thompson
    We’ve all heard it said, “There’s a time for everything.” Or “You’re just in a season; it will pass.” In fact, it’s scriptural— “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep ...   Read More
  • Why Jam-Packed Schedules Can be Dangerous

    by Kevin DeYoung
    Frazzled, Overwhelmed, Distracted, Preoccupied Most people feel frazzled and overwhelmed much of the time. We’re distracted and preoccupied in the same sorts of ways—struggling under a crushing weight of work, family, exercise, bills, church, school, friends, and a barrage of requests, demands, and desires. It’s safe to say that on a typical day for most of us, our responsibilities, requirements, and ambitions add up to more than ...   Read More