Church Employment Articles - Resume Tips

  • 4 Simple Steps to Stand Out and Get Noticed

    by Stephen Jennings
    In all my years of interviewing people and helping people with their resume I continue to see the “general resume” that is sent out as a mass mailer. People use the same resume for every position they apply for with little if any change in how they word it. This method does nothing to make a resume stand out and does everything to have it blend in with all the others and in most cases gets it thrown away never gets them an interview. ...   Read More
  • The 6 Most Common Mistakes on a Ministry Resume

    by William Vanderbloemen, Vanderbloemen Search Group
    In golf, they say that you can never win a tournament on the first day of competition, but you sure can lose it. In baseball, they say that you can’t win in the first inning, but you sure can lose. In interviewing, you probably won’t win a job because of your ministry resume, but you sure can lose it. Resumes are a doorway to the next step in a job search. No more, no less. The longer I review them, the more I see some common stumbling ...   Read More
  • Get Your Resume Noticed “Insider Information”

    by Stephen Jennings
    Where do the majority of all resumes end up…the trash!  With so many people applying for fewer jobs, managers must sift through resumes quickly and that means if you don’t catch their eye right away your resume will be in the trash.   Here is what’s being shared with those that are going to be interviewing you, the human resource manager.  Below is information targeted to those that are doing the hiring.  ...   Read More
  • What Makes You So Special?

    by Angela Bainter
    Standard resume rules tell us to list job responsibilities for every job you've had in the past. Everyone does this, so after awhile, all the resumes start to look the same to the person reading them. Do you want to know the secret to make your resume stand out? Make the prospective employer see why you are special! It's fairly obvious to churches what your job responsibilities were in your job as a senior pastor, a worship leader, a church administrator, ...   Read More
  • Exclude Unnecessary Items from Your Resume

    by Lisa Fife
    We talk a lot about what to include in your resume, and how to make your resume stand out among other applicants. However, there are also things that you do not need to include on your resume. The phrase "References Available Upon Request" is not necessary to add on your resume, nor is your actual list of personal and professional references, unless specifically requested in the job announcement. It is a given that you have and will provide references ...   Read More
  • Keep It Professional

    by Angela Bainter
    When you're applying for jobs, you'll need to provide your personal contact information to prospective employers. The way you present yourself through email and voicemail will speak volumes to those contacting you. Your email address and your voicemail can be the first points of contact with interviewers, so make sure you put your best foot forward with professionalism. First, let's tackle email. While you might have an email address that displays ...   Read More
  • Connect Your Past to Your Future

    by Luke Miller
    When crafting your resume, your chief goal is to tell a story that communicates that you’re the perfect fit for the position you’re applying for. You want to share any previous education or experience that is relevant to the position you’re applying for. But what about the previous experience you’ve had that isn’t directly related to the new gig? When you come across previous work experience that isn’t directly ...   Read More
  • Put First Things First

    by Lisa Fife
    Your work experience is a vital component of your resume and usually one of the first things a hiring manager will review. The first thing to remember is to tailor your work experience section in a way that relates to your objective and the positions you are seeking out. Highlight job duties and accomplishments that are applicable to the role and type of organization you are applying for. Keep this in mind: you may need to create multiple versions ...   Read More
  • Being Detail-Oriented vs. Saying You Are Detail-Oriented

    by Lisa Fife
    When writing your resume and cover letter, showing your good qualities is more important than telling. You want your resume to stand out, not because it has several good buzzwords included, but because you show how you stand out among the other applicants. One popular buzzword that I see on almost every resume or cover letter I receive is "detail-oriented". It's important to make sure that you're doing more than simply making a claim. ...   Read More
  • Proofread, Proofread, Proofread.

    by Luke Miller
    You don’t want to beg for a job. You want a company to beg you to work for them. This involves you exceeding expectations at every turn: your resume, your interview, your references, etc. Your resume and cover letter are your first opportunities to shine, so you want to make sure they’re prefect. I meant to say “perfect”. Oops!  This is why proofreading is critical. I’ve seen excellent resumes from well-qualified ...   Read More