Help! They Are All Overqualified

by Audrey L. Pillow

We all know what it is like in this job market. You post a job for a payroll candidate, and then you receive resumes from former CFOs, controllers, staff accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs, and countless others. So what do you do when those resumes cross your desk? KEEP THEM! 

Look, if you did a good job posting the position, you put a salary range down, you described the role, and the candidate still applied for the position. There are many who would say, “I don’t want to hire someone who was a controller to do payroll. They are just going to leave when the market gets better.” Will they? Truthfully? Maybe. However, I am a big believer that most people apply for jobs they want. You never want to hire for five years from now; you should be hiring for today and for the next six months. Who knows what your business will look like in six months? Perhaps you will have a controller position open, so wouldn’t it be great to save the recruiting fees and hire from within? Perhaps the candidate is looking to slow down a bit and doesn’t want the travel associated with being a controller, or he just moved to the area. You just don’t know all the factors. 

I also believe that your best managers hire people smarter than they are. I know that my benefits manager knows employee benefits better than anyone else, and I respect her for that and learn from her every day. I know that my recruiting manager knows the ins and outs of each of our testing processes to narrow down candidates. I don’t need to know everything about that, but when I have a question, she teaches me how to find it. We all get bogged down with this need to be the “boss.” Sometimes, being the best employer means allowing your employees to shine and teach YOU a few things. If you are truly confident in your skills as a manager, you see that surrounding yourself with the best talent is the number-one way to prove you are a forward thinker and are looking for career progression. 

Overqualified? No such thing. If the individual fits the department and can do the job, hire them. We all have been in that tough spot or needed a change in our careers or location. Buck up! Believe in yourself and bring in that candidate that makes you and your department better…regardless if her title was better than yours in a past career.