Are you looking for you or them? How to hire a pastor…

by David Lyons

One of the problems we see when churches look to hire a new pastor is that sometimes those leading the search end up looking for who they want as a pastor instead of looking for who the Next Generation of the church needs as a pastor.

When profiling your candidates, it’s important to identify certain unique points necessary for someone to fit and thrive at the church. Some of these would be doctrinal alignment, experience, education, and cultural  However, it’s just as important to prayerfully consider what (and whom) God may have planned for the future of the church. Since most of us are getting older, that typically means we need to look for leadership who will also be attractive to a younger generation. In doing that, we also need to consider that there are new believers, unchurched, and/or de-churched people in the shadow of our church who may decide to stop in. So, we must ask – Will this Pastor be relevant, engaging, and welcoming to them?

We realize this is MUCH easier said than done, but we’ve also seen it work when that perfect, Spirit-led, balance is achieved.

David Lyons is the founder of MinisterSearch, a full-service church staffing and pastor search firm.