ChurchStaffing Hiring Articles

  • 6 Things to Look for in a Ministry Resume

    by Nicole Cochran, Vanderbloemen Search Group
    It's easy to look good on paper. Some job searchers are adept at creating impressive resumes, even with little real or pertinent experience. Others may possess the skills and experience needed, but you may have to dig a little past the resume to find that out. While a resume is (or should be!) a good summary of a person’s work experience and accomplishments, it is important to remember that it is just a snapshot, and sometimes that can be misleading.  Here ...   Read More
  • 4 Leadership Milestones to Become a Great Leader

    by Guy Hatcher
    I am amazed at how little time many leaders spend thinking about their legacy. It seldom enters their mind as to what they will pass forward or transition to the next organization and the people they serve and influence. Legacy is determined neither by one’s age nor the years they have served an organization. Legacy represents the foundational core from which everything else flows over the course of time; wisdom, values, industry knowledge, ...   Read More
  • The 3 Most Undervalued Staff Positions At Your Church

    by Milan Ford, Vanderbloemen Search Group
    In a recent study conducted by the APA Center for Organizational Excellence located in Washington D.C., nearly 49% of all employees believe they are "undervalued" and insufficiently cared for by the companies or organizations they currently work for. While one may assume that these findings are a result of poor salaries and non-competitive employee benefits, it was surprising to discover that nearly two-thirds of those polled cited their company's ...   Read More
  • What was Jesus' Leadership Style?

    by Megan Pacheco
    Leadership is a thriving business. It has been for decades, despite its very meager return on investment. Over 300,000 books have been written on leadership, but where are all the great leaders?  A startling 86% of global respondents to the Survey on the Global Agenda agree that we have a worldwide leadership crisis. A poll conducted by the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University shows that 70% of Americans blame leadership crisis ...   Read More
  • 10 Ways We Built a Staff Dream Team

    by Dr. James Emery White
    I love the team I have the privilege of leading at Meck. They are dedicated, loyal, unified, joyful and deeply missional. Sadly, staff discord and dysfunction is all too common. So I shouldn’t be surprised that one of the most common questions I get asked by fellow pastors and church leaders is, “How did you get a staff like this?”  It wasn’t always this way, to be sure. I have made more than my fair share of staffing ...   Read More
  • 3 Fundamental Qualities of Core Leaders

    by Guy Hatcher
    Every day we see examples of leadership. Some leaders lead boldly while others lead quietly. I am often asked, “How can I become a strong leader within my sphere of influence?” This question has never been more relevant than it is today, as most would agree our nation, communities and families are void of strong leadership. There are three fundamental qualities that link all great leaders. 1. Foundational Core Values - Core values ...   Read More
  • 7 Best Practices to Boost Staff Engagement

    by Michael Lee Stallard
    What separates the best leaders from the rest when it comes to staff engagement? Our research shows the best leaders communicate an inspiring vision and live it, value people and give them a voice. Here are seven of the 100+ best practices that leaders can use to engage people. 1. Set “Top Five” High Level Annual Priorities – Many leaders today are overwhelming the people they lead by trying to do too much.  Both individually ...   Read More
  • 7 Practices Every Leader Needs to Know

    by Brad Lomenick
    Leading a company that produced large events for a solid decade means I’ve spent a lot of time in green rooms with “important” people. They are often places where everyone talks about books they’ve written, companies they’ve launched, money they’ve raised, and awards they’ve received. They keep others at arm’s length, and work hard to create the aura of success. (There are exceptions to the rule, of ...   Read More
  • 4 Ways Millennials Want to Be Led

    by Daniel Darling
    So, I’m not a Millennial, but barely. I was born in 1978 and officially you can’t be a Millennial unless you were born in 1980 or after. Or so I’m told. So I guess I’m a really young Gen-Xer. Regardless, I want to address leadership among Millennials. While much ink has been spilled on what this generation wants (much ink that has wrongly cast them as a monolithic group—see my friend Chris Martin’s blog to bust ...   Read More
  • Creating a Culture Of Character in Your Company

    by Tom Hill
    Leaders of businesses, nonprofits or ministries know that every current and future employee represents their organization's name (or brand) in the marketplace. Scripture declares, "A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold." (Proverbs 22:1). With tough economic times for business, highly visible ethics violations in major corporations, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and a "flat" business world, the character ...   Read More