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Centerpoint Church

Worship Arts Pastor

Centerpoint Church
Concord, New Hampshire, United States

Date Posted: 05/20/2012
Categories: Worship Pastor
Denominations: Baptist
Church Size: 751 to 1000
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Description of the Church and future Worship Arts Pastor

Description of the church:
CenterPoint Church is a ministry located in the capital city region of Concord, NH. We have approximately 600-750 in attendance on any given weekend. We do two services on Sunday at 9 and 10:45 a.m. We also do periodic Nights of Worship throughout the course of the year.

The church has a rich heritage of 190 years of faithful ministry in New England. In recent years CenterPoint has experienced rapid growth and has expanded its vision to impact the surrounding region with a population of 150,000 and beyond.

We use a 4 – 6 piece contemporary band, with 3 to 5 singers and a primary worship leader. We also incorporate other creative means into the service (such as media/feature music/stories). While the church is focused on leading everyone into a growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ, we do have unbelievers and outsiders clearly in mind as we plan and execute the services.

Seeking: CenterPoint is seeking a Worship Arts Pastor to serve as the primary Worship Leader as well as lead the entire Worship Arts Ministry (see Job Description below). This person will report directly to the Lead Pastor.

Narrative description of the Worship Arts Pastor:
We believe the right person is out there and that God will lead us to them. We stand at a time of great opportunity in our Worship Arts Ministry and believe God will guide us to the person uniquely gifted to partner with us.

The following are some descriptions of the person that could possibly be a good fit for us:

• Has 2- 5 years experience in paid worship arts ministry

• Is primarily a musician who also leads worship

• Has had experience leading both on the stage and leading other leaders from “the back of the room.”

• Is currently employed (or had experience) in a larger church than CenterPoint
This person could possibly be in a job that has outgrown them. It could be someone who joined the church staff early on in development, while the church was small, but now whose job is one of staff management, with more of a feel of executive level leadership.

• This person will serve as a program director and can multi-task

• This person realizes there will be a number of things that have to happen simultaneously on any given week to deliver a weekend service for CenterPoint and can deliver them (even when it is less than he hopes for).

• This person is a leader of leaders.

• Develops a close working relationship with the Lead Pastor.

• Above all else, this person is a worshipper.

Worship Arts Pastor
CenterPoint Vision
To be an ever-growing grace-driven community, centered in Christ, focused on others, committed to living out the Gospel.

CenterPoint Mission
To lead people into a growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Purpose of this Job Description.
The purpose of this document is to help answer the questions:
What does a Worship Arts Pastor do at CenterPoint and how does this fit with the overall vision & mission of the church?

The Big Idea.
The reason that CenterPoint has the Worship Arts Pastor role on their staff is to envision, build, and oversee all aspects of the worship/creative arts within the stated vision and mission of CenterPoint Church.

envision: see ahead of everyone else – have a vision for worship arts
build: take steps to see the vision happen – put legs to the ideas creatively and systematically
oversee: once built, all aspects will need management, leadership and the people will need pastoral care

These three ideas are not seen as ‘linear steps.’ These three ideas are always at play, always changing the culture of the ministry, always in play, and never static.

Narrative Description of this Person.
Finder of talent. Within the Body of Christ there are many who have artistic gifts and abilities that want and need to be fully engaged in the area of Worship Arts. It is the responsibility of the Worship Arts Pastor to create a climate that finds and unleashes these abilities to serve God and serve one another.

Great Artist/Great Leader. It is rare for a creative mind to also be a visionary leader, but it is a must in this role. The left and right sides of the brain must be fully engaged to produce artistic greatness and also lead and administrate a team of great artists. What kind of artist can create great art and lead by example, but also see the even bigger value in designing a system and process that allows for opportunities for other artists?

A Leader of Leaders. Each week requires different disciplines of the arts. The Worship Arts Pastor must see himself as a leader of leaders.

1. Oversee the preparation of all public gatherings for CenterPoint designed to lead people into a growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ through Awesome Worship.

2. Create a climate where artists (music/performance/story) and support technicians (tech team) become everything God intends them to be in Christ.

3. Oversee the development & management of paid and voluntary personnel within the ministry, building a healthy atmosphere of creativity, teamwork and synergy.

Narrative description of these objectives
When the people of CenterPoint are coming together for public expressions of worship, outreach or learning you run the point in the planning of that gathering…while doing this, creating an environment strategically intent on seeing artists and technicians grow, develop and have some level of community and care provided. As this role grows, the paid/voluntary team will need to expand to meet the demands of excellence – the Worship Arts Pastor’s vision and management will be needed to move this forward.

Areas of Focus (in order of importance)
1. Music
The primary artistic tool at CenterPoint will be music. Specific duties of the Worship Arts Pastor as it pertains to music include but are not limited to:
• Leading worship at public gatherings
• Choosing and preparing all music
• Have a full on, energetic band (players and singers)

2. Volunteer Leadership
This job should be viewed as one that uncovers and supports the church in their ministry. Specific duties of the Worship Arts Pastor as it pertains to volunteer leadership include but are not limited to:
• Recruiting, finding and developing participants in all areas of Worship Arts (music/other art forms/tech)
• Creating a climate among volunteers where community is developed, ownership is realized and a sense of belonging is apparent.
• Find and develop other primary worship leaders

3. Process
The Worship Arts Pastor must be able to apply process and system-thinking to the weekly work flow to see the arts flourish and people be tooled adequately. Specific duties as it pertains to process include, but are not limited to:
• Keeping the creative team informed of direction and moving forward in planning
• Managing the preparation lead time
• Working closely with the Lead Pastor to ensure direction and goals
• Getting the information to the right people in the right time (equipping)

4. Creativity
The Worship Arts Pastor will need to introduce and develop other forms of creative communication (story/video/art/visuals/other) to help augment the palate of expression at CenterPoint. Specific duties here include and probably are limited to:
• Pre-produced “plug and play” video (clips/purchased support pieces)
• Oversight of story-telling (identifying the real life stories of people and crafting into a service to maximize.)
• Oversight of production assistant in the creation of visuals to compliment features songs or other digital support pieces (PowerPoint etc.)

5. Pastoral assigned duties
The Worship Arts Pastor will be expected to participate in staff meetings and other staff duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor. Specific duties:
• Occasionally working with other staff members on projects
• Developing unique and special outreach events (i.e. Christmas Eve) that are geared toward reaching the unchurched.

Narrative description of these focuses’
CenterPoint needs the Worship Arts Pastor focused on producing great music and Awesome worship. It will be a staple of the gatherings of CenterPoint. If the question is asked, “How do we create great music and Awesome Worship?” Then the answer is found in focus number two. Since the band (players & singers) is volunteer-driven there must be ways of recruiting new members into the band and simultaneously developing the band members that are currently present. Keeping all of this humming, while also planning 52 weekends a year will drive the Worship Arts Pastor to the left-brained necessity of focus number three – the process & system is critical and must come from the Worship Arts Pastor and be managed and maintain by the Worship Arts Pastor.

One would have to ask ”‘what is NOT on this list?”
Living the Jesus life/discipleship/spiritual-disciplines/integrity and other attributes of fine character/etc.
CenterPoint Church is under the assumption this is who the Worship Arts Pastor is and need not be called out in a job description.

Purpose of these Stated Goals.
The purpose of these goals is to have some measurable method of determining the health, state, and advances that are being made in the Worship Arts Ministry over the next 18 months. Ministry is about people and people are unpredictable; however, we must aim for something and in doing so we believe that we are, at the very least, headed in the right direction

In worship
1. Under the supervision of the Lead. Pastor, layout a strategic vision for what should happen when the CenterPoint family gets together.

2. Discover and develop other worship leaders who lead on average twice monthly under your supervision.

In music
1. Design a system and then work the process that equips and tools the band appropriately (charts/cds/administration/etc.).

2. Design a quarterly schedule and administrate appropriately.

3. Design a rehearsal time that will energize and prepare the band with excellence.

6. Create a climate that encourages and allows for original music and original creativity (writers’ nights/coffee houses/other ideas)

In production
1. Design and implement roles and job descriptions for all volunteer positions.

2. Design a quarterly schedule and administrate appropriately.

3. Outsource training as needed in all roles with special focus on audio.

In creativity
1. Envision and build a creative team that meets weekly to work a 4-week process of planning of Sunday services and all Awesome Worship events.

2. Discover other forms of creativity within CenterPoint and “display them” quarterly. (original paintings/original songs/ poetry reading/appropriate forms of art that come from within the church – 4 times per year)