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CrossRoads Church

Pastor to K-6 Families

CrossRoads Church
Red Deer County, Alberta, Canada

Date Posted: 06/13/2012
Categories: Children's Pastor - Family Pastor
Denominations: Missionary Church
Church Size: 3001 to 4000
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:
Opportunity Profile
Pastor to K-6 Families

CrossRoads Church
Red Deer, Alberta
38105 Rge. Rd. 275
Red Deer County, AB T4S 2N4

CrossRoads Church is affiliated with The Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada (EMCC). The EMCC is a family of 130+ churches across Canada organized to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. The EMCC maintains offices in Kitchener, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta.
More information about the EMCC can be found at

The vision of CrossRoads Church is
to give everyone in Central Alberta an opportunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and by following Him, compassionately impact our world.
This vision has been woven into the life of the church for the past 12 years, and is now very much a part of the DNA of CrossRoads Church. It has been embraced by all leaders, staff, volunteers and people that attend on a regular basis, and continues to be lived out in practical ways in Red Deer and surrounding communities.

The Four Priorities of CrossRoads Church are:
1. Living Godly Lives
We believe God’s grace is available to all without exceptions. His grace grabs us where we are but doesn’t leave us there. It is His empowering presence to live godly lives.
2. Loving each other deeply
We believe love is very practical (I John 3:16-20). The best place for practical expressions of love is in small groups, so at CrossRoads we emphasize that “as we get bigger we need to get smaller.” We all need to be connected in community.
Pastor of Children's Ministries Opportunity Profile v1 3 2 May 2012
3. Giving Priority to the Lost, the Last, the Least, the Little and the Nearly Dead.
This priority means 2 things:
a. we will all be involved in fulfilling the Great Commission
b. we will attempt to unleash unprecedented amounts of compassion both locally and globally
4. Delighting ourselves in the Lord through Worship
At the heart of worship is a desire to make God’s name great.
It is His name we want lifted up in Central Alberta and around the world

At CrossRoads Church, we believe that Christianity is first and foremost about relationships rather than rules. It is about the most important relationship of all - our relationship with God. We were created to know God and until we know Him personally, there will be something missing in our lives. Jesus Christ makes relationship with God possible. The Bible, which we accept as God's word, teaches that Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God. Some people think He was just a good religious teacher, but the Bible teaches that He was sent by God to die for our sins on the cross. The Christian faith is based on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for all of us. At CrossRoads relationship with each other is also important; a place for you to connect and get to know other people. We constantly ask people to come and bring a friend and experience Christian community as we worship God through a contemporary style and learn from the Bible how God wants us to live and enjoy life.

CrossRoads Kids is the most fun place to be on a Sunday where kids are taught about Jesus and how to respond to His love for them. In utilizing a Christ-centered curriculum we introduce children to a personal and intimate Jesus who is their forever friend. We are a community of families who partner together to help and inspire each other to live our lives following after Christ. CrossRoads Kids is a place where children are blessed in relationship—with one another, with their small group leaders, with their pastors and most importantly with their parents. And hey, a slide in the middle of the Children's wing doesn't hurt to make it a lot of fun for the kids to learn about Jesus!

Sunday Atmosphere
Sundays consist of three worship services, all identical in music and message. The services are contemporary and while not seeker services, they are seeker friendly. So we minimize the Christian jargon that can sometimes take place, and when it is used it’s explained in greater detail. We never sell short the importance of the need for a personal relationship with Jesus, and the freedom from our past and our sin that is available to each of us through the grace of our Lord. (You can join with us in service through our Live Streaming. You can also review any of our past services at this same site.)

The makeup of our worship services are very diverse, with many young adults, families, and seniors attending. Our auditorium seats 1,200 people, and the currently attendance at the adult services ranges from 1600 to 1900 over the three services.
Elsewhere in the building other programs are in full swing. CrossRoads Kids offers complete programs in all services, providing care for Cuddlers, Crawlers and Cruisers (0-36 months), Pre-Kindergarten and K-6. There are over 400 children in attendance throughout the two services.

Jr. High offers a Discipleship class during the 9:00 &11:00 services in the Chapel. The Jr. High students are encouraged to be involved in CrossRoads Kids as apprentices in any service.

The Café is bursting with activity between the two morning services where people come to fellowship and enjoy a cup of coffee or a latte and snacks. The gym is open for those who need to expend a little of their energy.
During the Week

CrossRoads Church is full of activities and ministries during the week as well. The building is used by community groups for birthday parties, weddings, funerals, conferences and other events. Different ministries meet though out the week which include: Men’s Ministry (BOB), Common Grounds, Women’s Bible study, Prayer groups, Children’s shepherds prep, Wired (Jr. High), Worship Team practices, Alpha, The Marriage Course, ESL, Young Adults and different service groups.
Some of the other groups that meet during the year off site are: Marriage Ministry, Engaged Encounters, Missions Committee, Small Groups, etc.

Small Groups
Small Groups are a part of the Connecting Ministry and are ever changing with new groups starting up, existing groups evolving and some groups disbanding. With this in mind, there are approximately 90 small groups that meet in a variety of homes throughout Red Deer and the surrounding area.

Position Focus
The Pastor to K-6 Families is a passionate, visionary leader. She/he will lead a truly exceptional community of volunteers made up of parents and others who are committed to helping and inspiring our families. The pastor will focus on envisioning and developing the support structure required for this community. The Pastor to K-6 Families will shepherd, directly and through planned initiatives, children and their families.

Position Expectations
Primary responsibilities include:
- Creating, implementing and evaluating strategic plans for the K-6 Children’s Ministry, aligning them with the vision of CrossRoads Church.
- Working with and continuing to build, encourage and enable our existing volunteer community within K-6 Children’s Ministry. Our goal is to have an abundant volunteer community characterized by a positive, Jesus following, effective, and ambitious culture.
- Providing leadership and oversight to the K-6 Children’s Ministry.
-Communicating to the church a consistent vision, ministry plan and model for the spiritual development of our children and their parents.
- In keeping with our vision, ministry will contain a key component that is outreach focused, where families can find practical ways to be discipled within the context of evangelism. The pastor will create and lead the strategic plan in this regards.
- Identifying and developing future leaders in our children, providing ways for them to explore and learn their giftedness.
- Seek out opportunities to help and inspire parents and their family’s faith values, providing tools for them to use within the context of their homes.
-Provide pastoral care to children and their families as required. This may include weddings, hospital visitation, crisis intervention, baby dedications, follow up, finding and supporting families new to CrossRoads, etc.
- As part of the family ministries team maintain regular communication and cooperation between Early Childhood and Student ministries.
- Encourage, Grow, Inform, and Manage the K-6 ministry staff.
- Administering the K-6 Children’s Ministry budget & procedures. In addition, the pastor will assist the Pastor of Family Ministries in the preservation and execution of the Plan to Protect for the safety of our children.
Performance Standards
As a team player on the ministry team at CrossRoads Church the Pastor to K-6 Families shall adhere to the following standards:
- Become a member of CrossRoads Church.
- Understand and support the vision, mission, and strategic direction of CrossRoads Church.
- Uphold the team values of CrossRoads Church.
- Recruit, empower, develop and retain volunteers.
- Live and uphold a lifestyle that models an Elder of the church, as defined by the scriptures.
- Commitment to ongoing personal development.

Position Compensation and Accountability
The position is a permanent full-time role, with compensation being negotiable within the salary range of CrossRoads Church, background and experience.
The Pastor to K-6 Families will be accountable to the Pastor of Family Ministries, and subject to regular performance reviews.

The preferred candidate for this position will have the following:
- Pastoral experience within a family or children’s ministry at a church of 800 congregants or more. This role should include experience in strategic planning and leading staff and volunteer teams.
- A master’s degree in a relevant field: theology, social work, education, leadership/management, ministry, etc.
- A person of vision with a proven track record of organizational leadership excellence and the ability to strategically place and empower people in their areas of strength.
- A person of high energy, who is a self starter and able to generate creative content.
- Our dedicated volunteers require a person who is a teacher, equipper and team builder, with encouragement and communication skills.
- A person that is skilled at counseling/coaching parents and children.
- A demonstrated heart for the lost and a genuine desire to see families grow in their relationship with Jesus.
- Effective at communicating with today’s parents and children using relevant and creative ways to understand what it means to have meaningful relationship with Jesus.
It is not a requirement that the selected candidate be a current member of the EMCC, but must be willing to join the local EMCC church if selected. We encourage those from other denominations and para-church ministries who feel called to this position to submit an application.
The requirement is that the person be in agreement with the EMCC Statement of Faith and the Lifestyle Agreement as well as the mission and vision of CrossRoads Church.
Additional information that describes the ideal candidate is the following:
Commitment to Christ
A commitment to Christ is at the centre of CrossRoads Church. Candidates should have personal warmth that invites trust, and possess a personal integrity that never forfeits the trust that is offered. The person should be a spiritually maturing Christian who is able to minister to a wide range of constituents.

Heart for the Lost
At the very heart of CrossRoads Church is a desire to reach out to the people that have yet to come to church, and have not yet been introduced to Jesus Christ. The candidate will share this same heartfelt desire. The personal life of this person will demonstrate this longing through the fostering of intention relationships with people outside the church, sharing their life in an authentic way so as so impact lives for the Kingdom of God.
A High Level of Commitment to the Ministry and the Job
Leadership at this level is demanding. Keeping a healthy balance between work and personal life is difficult. The right person for this job should neither be a workaholic nor a clock-watcher, but rather be comfortable in whatever hours the job demands on a particular basis. Our pastors recognize that the average week ranges from 45 to 50 hours.
Team-Based Leadership
The successful candidate must display Christ-centered servant leadership and foster team building across the organization. The pastor will lead the department as motivator, empowerer, mentor, encourager and organizer who leads the team to work harmoniously and effectively.
Commitment to Relationships and Collaboration
The culture at CrossRoads Church values relationships and partnerships which are integral to collaboration and success. The right person will possess a skill of drawing people out of themselves and into action. The person will enjoy combining their efforts and working in concert with others, getting them to participate, and contributing their energy and talent to the overall goals of the ministry.
CrossRoads Church is a lean organization when it comes to staff size, and depends heavily on volunteers to carry the majority of the ministry. Everyone on staff has to know his/her responsibility and carry them out with minimal direct supervision. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter in the strongest sense of the word.

Red Deer is situated in the heart of Alberta’s beautiful Parkland, located halfway between Edmonton and Calgary. It has a population of over 85,000 people, with diverse cultural backgrounds. With all those living in the surrounding communities of Red Deer, the population quickly rises to over 250,000 people.
The economy continues to excel in today’s market, and has become a great place in western Canada to raise a family, with safe and friendly communities throughout the city. Red Deer's main economic base is agriculture and food processing, oil and petrochemicals, small manufacturing, tourism and the retail and other services required by the Central Alberta marketplace.
Pastor of Children's Ministries Opportunity Profile v1 3 2 May 2012
Red Deer has been described as "The City in the Park". With over 80 kilometers of easily accessible, paved, multi-use trails throughout the city, our family-oriented Waskasoo Park attractions are linked under the shade of poplars and along the quiet flow of the Red Deer River.
More information on Red Deer and be found at

One can only learn so much from a resume so in order to help us get a more complete picture of you and your interest in the position at CrossRoads Church please provide succinct responses to the following questions:
1. Describe your faith in Jesus. Tell us how you came to know the Lord, and about your journey with Him, your current walk and how your relationship with Him has affected your ministry to date.
2. How has your Christian faith impacted the way you work as a manager/leader/pastor?
3. Describe two of the most defining experiences from your spiritual pilgrimage that have helped you as a person, disciple and servant of Jesus.
4. Please provide us with a single page of your philosophy of ministry as it pertains to family ministry.
When completing your resume, please include the following information for each church position you’ve held in the last 10 years:
- Type of ministry
- Size of organization
-Your place in the organization
- Specific accomplishments that you personally achieved

Please provide at least 5 references including: your pastor, one of your parents or a mentor, at least one supervisor, a peer, and volunteer/staff entrusted to your lead, and a person that knows you who has yet to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (i.e. neighbour, friend, co-worker, etc.).

Submit the resume and references to:
Barry Oram
Pastor of Family Ministries
38105 Rge. Rd. 275 Red Deer County AB T4S 2N4
(403) 347-6425 ext 21; Fax (403) 347-9734
Pastor of Children's Ministries Opportunity Profile v1 3 2 May 2012
Application deadline is June1, 2012.

The Triune God
- The one and only true God is Spirit: self-existent, infinite, personal, unchangeable, and eternal in His being; perfect in holiness, love, justice, goodness, wisdom, and truth; omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent; Creator and Sustainer of all things, visible and invisible; both immanent and transcendent to creation; eternally existent in three persons, one in substance and co-equal in power and glory - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
- The Father is begotten of none. He is the eternal Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Author of salvation, the Father of all who are begotten into newness of life through faith in Christ.
- The Lord Jesus Christ is God; is the only Son of the Father; is incarnate since He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, thus uniting the divine and human natures in their completeness into the one unique person Jesus Christ; is sinless in His life and miraculous works; made atonement, through His vicarious death, for the sins of the world; is bodily resurrected and ascended to the right hand of the Father, has sovereign power and lordship; acts, in His present mediatorial ministry, as the believer's Advocate; awaits His imminent coming in power and glory.
- The Holy Spirit, proceeding from the Father and being sent by the Son, is one substance, majesty and glory with the Father and the Son, very and eternally God. His office and work is to reprove or convict the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment; to regenerate those who repent of their sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ; to sanctify, endue with power, teach, guide and comfort the believer. The Holy Spirit works in the church to unite believers into the body of Christ; to possess it as the temple of God; to equip it with gifts and graces for service; to give it the body of inspired truth; and to preside over and guide the church into the will of God.
The Bible
- The Bible, consisting of the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments, is the Word of God given by divine inspiration and is inerrant in the original manuscripts. The Bible remains the unchanging authority in matters of Christian faith and practice. It is true and reliable in all the matters it addresses.
- Our Creation - Mankind was created by an immediate act of God and not by a process of evolution. We were created in the image and likeness of God, possessing personality and holiness; enjoying sweet fellowship with God in our original state, we were created to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Having been created in the likeness of God we are self conscious personalities capable of free and rational choice. Human life has inherent worth from conception.
- Our Fall - Through the transgression of Adam, mankind is fallen from original righteousness, suffers under sin's curse and, apart from the grace of God, is not only entirely destitute of holiness, but is inclined continually to evil, and, unless born again, cannot see the kingdom of God. We in our own strength, without divine grace, cannot do good works pleasing and acceptable to God. As persons we are free moral agents and are responsible for our eternal destiny. Under the influence and empowering of the Holy Spirit and due to the prevenient grace of God we are enabled to exercise our wills to accept God's will and gift.
- Our Redemption - God has provided redemption for all persons through the mediatorial work of Christ who voluntarily offered Himself on Calvary as a perfect sacrifice for sin, the just suffering for the unjust, bearing sin's curse and tasting death for every person.
- Salvation - We are all sinners, guilty before God, and dead in trespasses and sins. Therefore, we are unable to save ourselves, but God has, out of His infinite love, given His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to become our Saviour.
Pastor of Children's Ministries Opportunity Profile v1 3 2 May 2012
- Repentance - Genuine repentance is a necessary attitude and act of man which a holy and just God requires before He forgives our sins. As an attitude it involves a knowledge of, a change of mind toward, and a godly sorrow for sin; a proper reverence for God's holiness; and a surrender to God. As an act it means confessing and forsaking sin. Repentance is our appropriate response to the grace of God in conviction. As a fruit of repentance, in so far as possible where sin has been committed, restitution should be made.
- Faith - Faith, which must accompany repentance, is God's gift where, by an act of the will, we embrace the promises of God and appropriate personally the provisions of God's grace. The believer, by faith, rests in the completeness and adequacy of the atoning merit of Christ's sacrifice as the sole ground and hope of salvation. Scripture also teaches that good works characterize a regenerated life. They spring from a true and living faith and are pleasing and acceptable to God in Christ.
- Justification and Regeneration - God justifies and regenerates sinners when they personally believe and repent. Justification is a judicial act which absolves us of the guilt and punishment for sin and restores us to divine favour. Justification has to do with the changing of the sinner's standing before God. Regeneration has to do with the changing of the sinner's nature through the impartation of divine life. Regeneration is a spiritual quickening; a new birth. This experience is witnessed to by the indwelling Holy Spirit, who produces in the heart a desire to do the will of God.
- Sanctification and Filling with the Holy Spirit - Sanctification is defined as the work of God in making believers holy and renewing them in the image of God. It is the will of God that each believer should be cleansed from sin and filled with the Holy Spirit and sanctified. Sanctification involves separation from sin and full dedication to the will of God. God in turn bestows power for holy living and effective service. Sanctification is both a crisis, as the regenerated believer initially surrenders to the will of God and appropriates the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and a progressive pilgrimage of continual consecration and growth in character and Christlikeness. The filling of a believer with the Holy Spirit is evidenced by love out of a pure heart and by the fruit of the Spirit. It is this believer's privilege to live, by faith, a Spirit-filled, Spirit-gifted, and Spirit-led life of victory over sin.
- Security of the Believer - Through the declaration of Scripture and the testimony of the Holy Spirit the obedient believer can be certain of forgiveness, salvation, a continuing walk with Christ, and the promise of resurrection life. The Scriptures do, however, warn against failing to abide in Christ, being hardened by sin, or being overcome by the world. To allow the devil such a foothold is to open oneself to the temptation to consciously reject Christ, abandon one's faith, and ultimately be lost.
- Resurrection and Glorification - Christ was bodily resurrected and, because He lives, we too shall live. At the return of the Lord, the bodies of the righteous dead will be raised and, together with the living believers, shall be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. We will all be changed so as to have literal, spiritual and immortal bodies like unto Christ's own glorious body. Our glorification is God's final act in our salvation and will be realized when we see Him as He is.
The Church
- The church is an organism composed of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who have been called out from the world, separated from sin, and vitally united by faith to Christ, its living Head and sovereign Lord.
- The local church is an organized body of believers in Christ who are voluntarily joined for public worship and evangelism, teaching the Word, fellowship with the saints, observance of the ordinances, exercise in prayer, and who are commissioned with the responsibility to administer discipline.
- The characteristic marks of the members of the true church are faith in Jesus as the Son of God, love for God and for those of like faith, obedience to God's commandments, and victory over the world.
- The primary duties of the church consist of glorifying God and exalting the Lord Jesus Christ, of building itself up in the most holy faith, and of preaching and practicing the Gospel in all the world as a witness to all people.

The Last Things
- The Return of Christ - The second advent of Christ is the hope of the church and will be personal, bodily, visible, sudden, premillennial, and redemptive. It is a source of encouragement and consolation, a motive for purification and holiness, and an inspiration for activity and service.
- The Millennium - The Millennium or thousand year reign of Christ upon the earth will be ushered in by His return with the saints. During this period Satan will be bound, the curse will be lifted, evils such as war, poverty, and injustice shall vanish from the earth, and Christ will reign in righteousness.
- The Judgment and Future State - There is a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous. All persons stand under the righteous judgment of God, both now and in that day. Scripture further teaches an eternal state of rewards in which the righteous dwell in endless life in heaven and the wicked in endless punishment in the eternal lake of fire.

Articles of Practice
- Ordinance - The Christian ordinances are two in number, baptism and the Lord's Supper. They are the outward rites appointed by Christ to be administered in each local church, not as means of salvation, but as visible signs and seals of its reality.
- Baptism - Baptism by water is the symbol of one's union by faith with Christ in death, burial, and resurrection. It constitutes the public confession of these spiritual realities to the world and is the answer of a good conscience toward God. Baptism is administered, preferably by immersion, to those who have been born again by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and who give evidence of the genuineness of their salvation.
- The Lord's Supper - The Lord's Supper was instituted by Christ himself on the night of His betrayal. It is a memorial of Christ's death, a centre of communion and fellowship, a testimony to saving faith, and a visible token of Christ's redemptive covenant. It is observed only by believers and consists in partaking of the consecrated emblems of bread and the fruit of the vine, which symbolize the death of Christ for the remission of our sins and our continual dependence upon Him for life and sustenance until He comes. While the Lord's Supper is open to all true believers, we are strongly exhorted to examine ourselves "and only then eat of the bread and drink of the cup."
- Divine Healing - God is able to heal, therefore we ought to pray for the sick. Although healing cannot be demanded of God, it should be sought according to Scriptural instruction. God heals in three ways: 1) through the natural processes of the human body which may be aided by medical help; 2) through the supernatural intervention of God bringing healing to the body; and 3) through the death and resurrection of the body to a glorified state.
- The Lord's Day - The Lord's Day, which commemorates the resurrection, is for private and public worship and for rest from unnecessary work. It should be devoted to spiritual development, Christian fellowship, and service. It is essential to the permanence and growth of the Christian church and important to the welfare of society.
- Christian Stewardship - In recognition of God's ownership of all things believers should practice systematic and proportionate giving, adopting the tithe as a minimum expression of their stewardship. They should regard Christian liberality as a privilege and sacred duty, and freely give of their substance for the spread of the Gospel at home and abroad, for the maintenance of the local church, and for the support of the agencies and enterprises of the denomination. Believers should also dedicate themselves, their time, talents, and substance to God and to the advancement of His kingdom. Christians are encouraged to spend time in Bible study, prayer, and in sharing the gospel.
- Dedication of Children - God is concerned for the well-being of children who are under the atonement of Christ. We encourage the formal dedication of children in a public service of the church.
- Marriage and the Home - Marriage is a sacred institution ordained of God and is an indissoluble union of the husband and wife until parted by death. Marriage, which is the foundation of the family and the Christian home, should only be entered into in the fear and will of God. Accordingly, a believer should not be united in holy matrimony with an unbeliever. The home is a divinely ordained institution in which the husband is the head but serves its members by the law of love. Obedience to parents is to be rendered by children in the spirit of mutual respect and love. The home is the most important institution in which to nurture children in the faith, and great care is to be exercised in building homes that are genuinely and consistently Christian.
- Divorce - Divorce is viewed in the Scriptures as contrary to God's will. Christians should seek by forbearance and forgiveness to preserve the marriage bond.

Persons divorced and remarried who give evidence of being genuinely born again are eligible to be received into membership in the church. Divorce between members of the church is an occasion of great tragedy. Such conduct brings the teaching and reality of Christian reconciliation under reproach and offenders are to be disciplined. The church board shall provide counsel and take proper disciplinary action giving consideration to appropriate aspects of Article 13.3.3. Care should be exercised that such action be as redemptive as possible for all parties involved. Ministers are to refrain from performing marriage ceremonies where one or both parties are divorced. However ministers are permitted, at their discretion, to solemnize the marriage of a person whose previous marriage partner committed adultery, who is recognized as living a genuine Christian life, and where there is good evidence that a true Christian marriage is intended.
- Practices and Conduct - Believers are not to be conformed to the view and lifestyle of the world of which they are a part, but, on the contrary, are to function as salt to prevent the spread of moral corruption, and as light to dispel spiritual darkness. High standards should therefore be set for their personal and collective life including the following: 1) their disposition and attitudes be characterized by godliness and the fruit of the Spirit which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control; 2) their social relationships bear witness to Christ, their entire conduct reflecting the spiritual ideals of Christianity rather than the world; they shall not marry unbelievers, shall not hold membership in oath-bound secret societies, and shall not compromise Christian principles in partnerships; 3) their bodies be treated as temples of the Holy Spirit thus making it inconsistent with both Christian testimony and sound principles of health to compromise their influence and injure their bodies through inappropriate practices or substance abuse.
- Attitude Toward Civil Government - Civil government is ordained of God for the welfare of society to promote and protect the good and to restrain and punish evil. Therefore, we consider it the duty of Christians to pray for rulers and for those who are in authority over them and to give due loyalty, respect, and obedience to them. Christians are also encouraged to take an active interest in government at all levels. Where the demands of civil law would militate against the supreme law and will of God, Christians should obey God rather than man.
- Attitude Toward Strife and Military Service - Believers are to love their enemies, do good to them that hate them, overcome evil with good, and, as much as possible, live peaceably with all men. Therefore, it is not fitting for the Christian to promote strife between nations, classes, groups, or individuals. Sincere Christians have conscientious differences as to their understanding of the teaching of the Word of God with reference to their responsibility as Christian citizens to human government both in times of war and times of peace. We are, therefore, to exercise tolerance and understanding, and respect the individual conscience with regard to participation in war.
- Oaths - A Christian's life should be so transparent in its honesty and integrity that his or her word can be fully trusted without swearing on the Bible in judicial situations or taking the Lord's name in vain.