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Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts star

Adventure Christian Church of North Natomas

Sacramento, California, United States

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Media/Technology - Music Ministry - Worship Pastor
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351 to 500
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Adventure Christian Church of North Natomas
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Do you crave responsibility?  Are you a risk taker?  Do you make things happen? 


Does God have a dream you have not yet imagined? You’re a creative artist and visionary leader. You dream of a better future. Is it possible that God has a dream for your life that you yourself have not imagined--an Adventure you have not mapped out?

  • If you dream of doing life in a diverse community that is mostly disinterested in Jesus, God has a dream for you in Natomas.
  • If you dream of developing artists from a rich diversity of cultural and creative backgrounds who live in the community we serve, God has a dream for you in Natomas. 
  • If you dream of seizing family memories at Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Yosemite, or Napa, God has a dream for you in Natomas.
  • If you dream of being on a staff that seeks to improve in leadership skills, God has a dream for you in Natomas that you yourself have not imagined.

Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts



The mission of the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts is to equip a growing number of artists, musicians and singers to lead events and services that bring Jesus’ hope to an imperfect world and glory to God.



The Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts will:

  • Work with the lead pastor to shape and create an engaging worship experience.  Our worship services are 67 minutes or less.  The song set is a 20 minute experience with additional communion & offering underscore, and an occasional high energy dismissal.  Ideally, we would like some different templates.
  • Create a compelling vision that inspires artists, musicians and singers to work together to consistently create consistently engaging worship services and events. 
  • Create engaging experiences for people of various cultural, economic and spiritual backgrounds to worship God in a budget-minded, growing church.
  • Double Adventure’s capacity to engage adults attending Sunday services to 600 per week and develop the systems to support a multi-site strategy.
  • Execute buzz worthy, unforgettable events that invite the entire community to experience Jesus’ hope.
  • Bring Adventures’ visual communications to a standard of easily recognized excellence.  Create, develop, and oversee teams to handle social media, website, and visual communication. 
  • Inspire and equip five high-capacity volunteers through a weekly growth group for 9-18 months who will invest their lives in making the next generation of disciples in children’s ministry.
  • Invest relationally in the lives adventurers interested and within the worship community after rehearsals, at coffee houses, and simply hanging out (twice weekly).


The Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts is a leader who:

  • Radiates positivity: As a worship leader you set the tone for many of our weekend experiences. While we are never fake, we do know our attitudes are contagious. Therefore we want to display attitudes that are worth catching.
  • Inspires Action – You have a natural infectious style that inspires others to jump into whatever you’re doing with both feet.
  • Develops People – Every person you meet oozes potential and you can’t wait to help them develop their God-given abilities.
  • Executes Excellence – You don’t just have big ideas, you bring people and resources together to execute the details that make good ideas great experiences.
  • Celebrates Diversity – Jesus loves the little children of the world isn’t just a song you can sing, it’s a reality celebrate in your home, neighborhood, church and community.
  • Loves Life – Let’s just say it, you aren’t boring – because no one wants to work with a boring teammate.
  • Practices and masters the Exponential Model of apprenticeship to develop volunteers.
  • Does-life with un-engaged neighbors once a month-- making BOLD MOVES to share his/her Jesus story.
  • Pursues our Sacramento Style  The ideal worship style for Adventure Church encompasses the diversity that reflects our community.  We are multi-ethnic and multi-generational and desire a sound that matches.  Our congregation responds to high energy and uplifting songs like those of Israel Houghton, Chris Tomlin, Lincoln Brewster, Tye Tribbett and Hillsong Y&F, along with the meditative and introspective worship of Kari Jobe, Hillsong United, Matt Redman, and Nicole Nordeman.  The ability of a worship leader to tie in traditional and contemporized hymns and classic choruses while staying up to date with modern worship songs is highly valued.


Church Values

A successful pastor of worship and creative arts candidate will not only agree with these values, but also be excited about seeing them lived out in our community. The successful candidate will be able to point to evidence in his or her own life of these values.


  • People Matter: We seek to be a church that actively demonstrates that every person matters to God. In our actions, words, and attitudes we want to continuously live this out.
  • Come as you are: We seek to be a church where no one ever questions whether or not they belong here. Everyone is welcome. Everyone belongs. You can always come as you are. Our job is to love people well. We can’t do that if we don’t let people come as they are.
  • Bold Moves: We seek to be a church full of people who take bold moves to share their Jesus story with our neighbors, friends, and coworkers.


Staff Values

Team above individual: There will be times where one ministry or department has to sacrifice in order for the whole church to thrive. We are looking for a candidate who is passionate about their department but is even more passionate about the welfare of the whole church.

Go the extra mile: While each staff member has a specific job description, there will be times when it’s “all hands on deck” During those times or season we want staff that will help each other out and work to see something succeed.

Laugh together:  We spend 40+ hours together per week. We want to be a team that actually likes being around each other. Life is too short to work alongside people who don’t enjoy each other’s company. Therefore we prioritize staff relationships and the ability to laugh and have fun together.

Practice our core competencies: While everyone is different we all want to be committed to three things: being humble, hungry, and smart. It is impossible to have a healthy church staff culture if those three things are missing as a team or as an individual. Humble is all about recognizing others and acknowledging their contributions. It’s a lack of self-centeredness and ego. Hungry means you are passionate for the mission of Adventure. You don’t have to be outwardly motivated because you are internally motivated to see the mission lived out. You aren’t looking for how to get out of work or do less. You are enthusiastic about seeing Jesus’ Hope come to everyone in Natomas. Smart is all about being relationally intelligent. It means you can work well with others and you recognize how you come across to other people. You speak but you also listen. You lead, but you don’t steamroll people. People don’t feel ignored or used by you. 



Please email video samples leading worship in various settings with your resume and application.  Please Include samples of your visual communication work and links to samples of your work on social media as well.  

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