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Wildwood United Methodist Church

Director of Youth Ministries

Wildwood United Methodist Church
Magnolia, Texas, United States

Date Posted: 08/25/2010
Categories: Youth Pastor
Denominations: United Methodist
Church Size: 501 to 750
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:
Youth Minister
Education: Bachelors
Job Type: Full-Time
Church Size: 500-750

Job Description:

Are you called to lead youth to become passionate, mature disciples of Jesus? Are you gifted at speaking and preaching to youth audiences? Do you thrive off of hanging out and building relationships with youth? Do you get excited about leading youth on retreats and mission trips?
If so, we may have a job for you!

Wildwood United Methodist Church is located in Magnolia Texas, a developing community just west of The Woodlands and 35 miles northwest of downtown Houston. We are a growing church congregation with a deep-rooted commitment to reach the youth of our congregation and community in order to lead them into Christian discipleship. Youth ministry is a vital and central part of our church’s ministry and we have built an awesome youth facility on our campus which includes a café, game area, gym, and a worship/gathering area.

We are looking for someone with a deep faith grounded in the scriptures and life of the local church, a heart for God’s ministry to youth, proven leadership and communication skills, and some media knowledge. Are you energetic, funny, and good at building relationships and community with youth? Do you enjoy being a team player? Do you approach youth ministry not simply as a “job,” but as an extension of your own life and calling? If so, we would love to hear from you!!

Please send your resume or inquiries to

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And finally if you wouldn’t mind mentally taking “The Perfect Youth Group Leader” test, we would appreciate it.

“The Perfect Youth Group Leader” Test

1. You have the “side hug” down to a science. [+1 point]
2. You can one thumb text faster than type on a computer keyboard [+1]
3. You own a Jesus is my homeboy t-shirt. [+3]
4. You know what purpling is and how best to avoid it. [+1]
5. You use words like “dope”, “fly” and “da bomb”. [-2]
6. You know exactly what to do with 16 plungers and a large bouncy ball. [+1]
7. When you put your iPod on shuffle, people often hear Lady Gaga followed by Christ Tomlin. [+1]
8. You have a fridge full of leftovers from youth group events. [+2]
9. You have a fridge full of moldy leftovers because you never eat at home. [+1]
10. You know all the names of Target and Sam’s club knock off sodas. [+1]
11. You have ever purchased “sandwich crèmes” instead of Oreos. [+1]
12. You still have an open pack of “sandwich crèmes” in a closet from a month ago because no one ate them all. [+5]
13. You have a verse tattooed somewhere on your body. [+1] [+2 points for Hebrew words]
14. Said verse tattoo contains spelling errors. [-2]
15. You know more icebreaker games than anyone really cares to play. [+1]
16. Your idea of “on time” is any time before the people ask where you are. [+1]
17. Sarcasm is your native language. [+5]
18. You have a mean Frisbee throwing arm. [+2]
19. You know how to fix the youth group van when it breaks down on the side of the road for the 8th time. [+4 for each time]
20. You have been known to wear fanny packs on mission trips. [-5]
21. You have more toys in your office than Michael Scott of The Office. [+1]
22. 80% of your wardrobe consists of free t-shirts from camps and conferences. [+3 for each shirt]
23. You have been known to use toilet paper for many other uses. [+2]
24. You can easily beat anyone on Guitar Hero in expert mode. [+2]
25. You can do more things with duct tape than McGuyver [+3]

0-10 Points: Youth Intern; you’re not a youth minister yet, but you’re on your way. Keep at it!

11-20 Points: Amateur Hour; you must have just started on your youth ministry journey, you need some more practice on the correct way to lob a roll of toilet paper in a perfect tree covering arc so it will nestle in the branches and not fall throw.

21-30 Points: Minor Leagues: Now we’re talking. You’ve been to a Skillet concert or two. This isn’t your first goatee (unless you’re a lady.) You know the joys of discount pizza and off brand sodas.

31+ Points: Legend: Your work on the Johnson house in 2008 is still discussed at the Charmin factory headquarters. You will go down in the Youth Ministry Hall of Fame. Congrats! You are a Legend!