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2nd Street Community Church

2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director

2nd Street Community Church
Newberg, Oregon, United States

Date Posted: 02/26/2010
Categories: Youth Pastor
Church Size: 351 to 500
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:



UPDATE: When we made this Job Posting with the Pacific NW Region listed, we believed it meant that potential candidates would see that we're looking to interview candidates and hire someone currently living in the Pacific NW. We didn't realize that the Region listing was just a search feature of the database. Our bad. Like wherever you live, the Pacific NW is a very distinct place in terms of culture, vibe, and ethos. And it's our vision to hire someone for this position who won't need to learn these Pacific NW distinctives from the ground up. We don't have a relocation budget for this position.



Dear Potential Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in 2nd Street Community Church's Student Ministries Director position. We're prayerfully seeking the person God is preparing to fill this mission-critical ministry among us – and we know that this God-preparation is happening in both directions.

Our church is growing spiritually and numerically, and we’re excited about God’s plans for our Student Ministries personnel and programming. For many years the Student Ministries Director position has been .75 FTE, and now for the first time, we are increasing it to 1.0 FTE.

Because of this change, we are viewing this position as a vocational-ministry position, and not as an entry-level position. We’re praying this will attract the attention, the hearts, the minds, and the passions of applicants with a proven history of growing and maturing a student ministries program in a local church.

God is on the move in our midst, and while times of change always also include challenge, the joy about what God is up to, and calling us to, is real and obvious. Our team of both paid and volunteer staff is strong, the support of our flock is deep, and the vision God has given us is exciting.

By writing to our 2nd Street Office Manger, Sue Pruitt, at, the following nine items will be sent to you by email. Please don't call and request that these documents be sent to you hard-copy via USPS, as we're seriously trying to reduce our paper use with this search.

1. Job Posting
2. Employment Application
3. Student Ministries Director Supplemental Application
4. Search Committee Calendar
5. 2009-2010 2nd Street Ministry Plan and Ministry Funding Plan
6. Student Ministries Calendars
7. Criminal Background Check
8. An example of a recent Sunday morning teaching from 2nd Street
9. 2nd Street Welcome Packet

Our goal is to receive applications from mid-February through the end of March and to interview our top two candidates, one on Sunday, April 11, and another one the next week, on Sunday, April 18.

Our goal is to hire someone for this position no later than the end of April, and to have them begin in the position mid June, or no later than July 1. We currently have an Interim Student Ministries Director, a Student Ministries Intern (a George Fox University [GFU] student, George Fox University is in the same town as 2nd Street Community Church ..., parents, and other volunteers who are providing great continuity during this season of change.

Once we discern which 1-2 applicants to interview, we will do a background check and will check with secondary references on those applicants. Thank you again for asking God if you are the one being prepared to fill this mission-critical ministry position in our flock.

Once you request and receive the full Application Packet from Sue, please read through it carefully and be sure to return all requested components to us. Application documents must completed in MSWord format. Handwritten applications will not be considered.

Here are the four primary components that we’re asking you to send back to us for your application to be considered complete and ready to be reviewed by our search committee ...

FIRST, completed application, supplemental application and criminal background check form, sent via email to However, we must ALSO receive a signed and dated copy of each of these three documents by fax or mail for your application to be considered complete and ready to be reviewed. This contact information can be found at the bottom of this letter.

SECOND, an mp3 CD of you teaching at a RECENT youth ministries gathering. If you have a DVD of teaching it would be even better.

THIRD, a copy of the notes you used in this RECENT youth ministries teaching.

FOURTH, a picture of you, and if you are married and/or have a family, a picture of your family. [Please rest assured ... this isn't a beauty contest ... we're just normal looking people too ... we just want to be able to picture you as we read, study, and pray through your application.]

Thanks again for prayerfully considering applying for this Mission-critical position. We know that God has good things in store for us as a flock, and for you as a person with a heart to seek out, discover, and follow God’s plans for your life. Godspeed.

Gregg Lamm and the rest of the 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director Search Committee (Lisa Frey (parent, student ministries volunteer, and elder), Drew Stephens (HS student), Michelle Molina (parent), Amanda Clarkson (MS student), Lauren Dodge (HS student), and Cliff Jetton (parent, and student ministries volunteer)




2nd Street Community Church – Becoming More Like Jesus Christ By Loving God, Loving People, And Serving Our World.


• The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will be a passionate, visible, authentic follower of Jesus Christ whose vision for the Student Ministries Ministry Plan flows out of their "first-love relationship" with Jesus Christ (cf., REVELATION 2:1-7). It’s important that they be someone who …

1. Is passionate about their faith in God and their calling.

2. Intentionally partners with God and others in the planning and carrying out of the student ministries programming.

3. Reflects God’s Word, the character of Jesus Christ, the wisdom of the Spirit, and the will of God in what they believe, what they teach, and what they call others to join them in believing and doing.

4. Is called to not just feed easy, “spiritual answers” to students, but to challenge them to think through, embrace, and become grounded in God’s Biblical truth.

5. Is discerning, courageous, and wise – collaborating with students, volunteers, interns, and parents in developing student ministries programming.

6. Thinks creatively in terms of what student ministry programming looks like and what it can accomplish in the lives of students. For instance, remain alert to how service ministries and missions can be great opportunities for spiritual growth.

7. Remains approachable and visible – someone who will be a resource to all students, parents, staff, and ministry volunteers.

8. Honestly and humbly wrestles with their faith and the challenges they’re going through in their life, seeing God at work in all things.

9. Will recruit, train, and manage volunteers in an ongoing way.

10. Uses a mentoring and yet collaborative model in their supervision and co-ministry with the Student Ministries Intern.

11. Learns how to tap into George Fox University students as a student ministries programming and volunteer staffing resource.

12. Has the computer and technical skills necessary to manage the communication tasks necessary to this position (send out weekly updates, put together quarterly programming an event calendars, etc…).

• The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will maintain a Godly, growing relationship with the important people in their life (ie. family and close friends), staying committed to not taking important time away from their core relationships to “do more ministry.”

1. If married, their spouse needs to have buy-in to the ministry in ways that allow the students to see their partnership. This doesn’t mean that 2nd Street believes we’re “hiring two people for the price of one.” Healthy ministry boundaries will be set and supported.

• The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will be keenly aware …

1. That 2nd Street’s student ministries programming needs to have the same MISSION as 2nd Street as a whole church … so that together we can take on the same goal of becoming more like Jesus Christ.

2. That students need to have leaders whose leadership style is relational and interactive, not hierarchical and lecture-based.

3. Of the developmental differences between middle school students and high school students – and envision, plan, develop and lead programming, service projects, and activities with these developmental differences in mind.

4. That student ministries programming needs to be committed to building disciples who serve and engage the world locally and globally, in the church and outside the church, instead of just building “nice church people.”

5. Of the need to be adept at working one on one, in small groups, in large groups, and at being able to have different styles that fit different groups.

• All Middle School Student Ministry Plans, and High School Student Ministry Plans will be prayerfully and creatively crafted on the foundation of the following elements …

1. Worship of Jesus Christ.

2. Searching, practical teaching from God’s Word.

3. Prayer.

4. Community-building: Developing relationships with students who are not yet in relationship or fellowship with Jesus Christ, AND ALSO students who are in relationship and fellowship with Jesus Christ, modeling this these priorities to students.

5. Service and missions (local and global).

6. Study.

7. Discipleship.

8. Accountability on several levels … with their supervisor and other staff, with student ministry volunteers and interns, and with student themselves.

9. Recreation.

10. Fellowship and encouragement.

• The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will envision and oversee a component of the Student Ministries Ministry Plan for how to connect with THE PARENTS OF STUDENTS – offering instruction and options about how to disciple their children toward maturity in Jesus Christ within their homes through quarterly meetings, emails, workshops, etc. The person in this position will …

1. Believe that families and the church have to work together in the task of raising up a generation of young people whose lives, habits and priorities are centered in Jesus Christ … and that the person God is calling to this position will have a genuine heart for this church-parent-student-God partnership.

2. Have a firm buy-in to the student ministries programs of both NW Yearly Meeting ( and Twin Rocks Friends Camp (, and see the value that their already established programs have for our students in terms of spiritual and leadership development.

3. Be honoring and respectful of God and 2nd Street Community Church in all aspects of their life, being sure that their attitudes, words, priorities, and deeds reflect God’s Word, the character of Jesus Christ, the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and the will of God.

4. Be a team member with the rest of the 2nd Street staff … both paid and volunteer.

• The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will connect in ways intentional and consistent with the NAFY group (Newberg Area Friends Youth – an intentional network of the youth pastors and student ministries directors at Newberg Friends Church, West Chehalem Friends Church, 2nd Street Community Church and North Valley Friends Church).


The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will seek out holy and healthy relationships with all 2nd Street students … those involved in current programming, and those who are on the fringe or hesitant to get involved.

WITH THE 2ND STREET ELDERS … The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will meet with the 2nd Street elders twice annually to share with one another about their vision, their concerns, and what God is saying to them about their life with Him and their calling.

• WITH THE FLOCK … The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will become involved in one of 2nd Street’s weekly Sunday morning worship/teaching gatherings. When the Student Ministries Director worships and studies with other adults in the flock, they will become KNOWN AND TRUSTED by the parents of the students they are ministering to and with the students themselves.

• WITH THE 2ND STREET LEAD PASTOR-TEACHER … The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will attend weekly meetings with 2nd Street’s lead pastor-teacher.

• WITH THE STAFF … The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will attend 2nd Street staff meetings twice each month … A GRID MEETING for planning, communication, resource sharing, brainstorming and prayer … and A DEVOTIONAL MEETING for equipping and encouragement. The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will also attend the annual, two-day 2nd Street staff retreat (usually held in October).


• The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will receive two weeks paid vacation annually.

• The 2nd Street Community Church Student Ministries Director will attend one or two equipping conferences or workshop annually.


1. Full Time Salary | up to $35,000.00 (this Student Ministries Director position qualifies for the IRS salary/housing allowance designation benefit).

2. Full Medical Health Insurance (for employee and family) and HSA (Health Savings Account). The HSA account will be made up of monthly church contributions (3/4 of the deductible total) and staff member (1/4 of the deductible total) that combined equals the annual insurance policy deductible.

3. Annual Personal and Programming Ministry Funding Plan Line Items totaling approximately $6,000.00.

4. Annual Ministry Funding Plan Line Item for intern (who will work primarily with Middle School students, and will most likely be a GFU student) | $3,000.00.

To receive a full APPLICATION PACKET via email, contact Sue Pruitt, Office Manager, at