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High River Alliance Church

Lead Pasotr

High River Alliance Church
High River, Alberta, Canada

Date Posted: 04/06/2009
Categories: Senior Pastor
Denominations: Christian Missionary Alliance
Church Size: 151 to 250
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:
Lead Pastor Profile
Attributes of the Lead Pastor must include the following:
• Prayerful dependence upon Jesus Christ
• Leader – ability to see the big picture – ability to develop and enable staff and teams
• Willingness to embrace and lead the current dedicated staff of High River Alliance Church
• Skilled and gifted communicator in the roles of preacher and teacher
• Approachable
• Emotionally and physically healthy
• Ability to connect with broad range of age demographics of church family
• Takes initiative
• Goal oriented
• Ability to work cooperatively with the Elder Board in planning, direction setting, accountability measures, etc.
Additional important attributes of the Lead Pastor to be considered:
• Creativity and flexibility
• An educational background including a bachelors degree in a related field with preference for a masters degree.
• Life experiences which contribute to a “well-rounded” character with the ability to relate to individuals from a variety of societal, cultural, and economic backgrounds.
• Ability to attract younger people & families through effective ministry style
• Spouse (if applicable) who is emotionally and socially healthy
Other attributes considered important when Ministry Match characteristics are compared with the present ministry team members:
Temperament Scale:
• Big Picture: You look for ideas and possibilities as you approach new situations. You are innovative and visionary. You are good at figuring out the goal in a process. This ability allows you to see the big picture and to come up with new solutions and ideas rather than to focus on realities and develop practical processes.
• Group: You are oriented toward the group rather than toward the individual person. You recognize that what is good for the group may sometimes hurt individuals. Your strength is your concern for the whole group and you will fight for the group even if it means some individuals may be disenfranchised.
• Logical: You take an objective, logical approach to making decisions. You may at times have been accused of being unfeeling or insensitive, even though you feel like you care about the other person. You let your head rule your heart and you are better at evaluating rational alternatives to a situation than at identifying with another person emotionally.
• Adapter: You prefer to "go with the flow" and to adapt your actions to fit the circumstances. You tend to be very flexible when circumstances change. You need a ministry position which takes advantage of your ability to "shoot from the hip," rather than one which criticizes you for failing to plan adequately.
• Processor: You prefer to have things open-ended than to reach closure on everything you do. The process is more important to you than actually finishing a task. You need the opportunity to work on a number of tasks in process, rather than having to finish each one completely before going on to the next.
• Flexible: You are especially good at handling many short tasks effectively. You can change tasks and focus over and over without feeling stressed. You need a position which requires flexibility and the ability to shift quickly from one task to another, rather than the ability to follow-through long-term.

Motivated Role:
• Conceptualizer: You specialize in the design phase of a project, thinking up new ideas and new approaches to ministry. You are an "idea person" who is most fulfilled by discussing the theoretical possibilities of the project, with little need for practical application. You will be most effective if you have a team who can help turn your raw ideas into concrete ministries.

Leadership Style:
• Persuader: You impact others by using your personality to persuade them to do what needs to be done. You have a great ability to promote ideas, skillfully inspiring or talking people into doing what you ask, even if you don't have the ability to make them.
• Director: You impact others by using your authority and credibility to get them to do what needs to be done. You are a "tell-er," a directive leader who enjoys controlling your environment and leads by clearly stating what you want others to do and insisting that they do it.
Participation Style:
• Coach: You believe God has called you to be the primary leader of your area of ministry, and that He directs you, and other leaders, in the direction the ministry should go. Therefore, you feel primarily responsible for what happens in your area of ministry, and you have significant authority there, but you also share that responsibility and authority with other leaders in the same area.
• Teammate: You believe God has called you to be one of a number of leaders of your area of ministry, and that He directs you along with other leaders in the direction the ministry should go. Therefore, you share authority and responsibility equally with the other leaders in your area of ministry.
In declining order of preference, your ministry gifts may include:
Ministry gifts:
• Character Evaluation
• Evangelism
• Faith
• Interpersonal Communication
• Motivational Leadership
• Preaching

High River and High River Alliance Church Profile
High River, Alberta is a town of approximately 12,000 people located 20 minutes from the southern city limits of Calgary. It is the largest agricultural servicing centre between Calgary and Lethbridge. In addition, it provides a home for many people who work in Calgary. High River is a rapidly growing community with a very attractive lifestyle. Calgary, and all that it offers, is right at our doorstep as is the highest paved mountain pass in Canada. Travelling only 115 km west are all the recreational activities found in the foothills, Kananaskis, and Banff National Park.
High River enjoys a relaxed pace of life and a high sense of community involvement. With the many parks and trails throughout the town including those along the Highwood River, High River is a great place to live. People move here not only because of the competitive value of real estate when compared to Calgary but also for the great quality of life. Foothills School Division and Christ the Redeemer School Division offer quality K – 12 public education. A variety of recreational facilities are available including swimming, curling, ice skating and weight-training venues. High River is in the Calgary Health Region and has a regional hospital. A wide variety of shopping opportunities are located throughout the Town. Additional shopping in larger “box” stores is available just to the north in Okotoks.
Approximately 350 people call HRAC their church home with an average Sunday service attendance of 225. HRAC staff consists of 2 full time pastors (Lead & Associate), a part time Pastor of Children’s ministry and a part time Director of Youth ministry. The Director of Youth position is presently vacant and will be staffed once the Lead Pastor is in place. In addition the church has a half-time office administrator and a part time custodian. High River Alliance Church recently finished (2006) a major facility renovation and expansion which has resulted in a very beautiful and functional facility which will enable the scope of the ministry to grow for some time. Our facility is located immediately next to Ecole Joe Clark School. Prior to our facility being complete, we held our services in the school. We have a terrific relationship with the school faculty and share facility space from time to time. Each December our church hosts the school’s Christmas concerts in our own facility free of charge. Our facility is available to other community organizations/events as a means of outreach and service to the community.
Summary of HRAC Ministries
The purpose of HRAC is articulated as “making fully devoted followers of Jesus, 24/7 - 360° - BEYOND.” We seek to do that by:
- Leading people into a 24/7 journey with Jesus where they increasingly become fully devoted to Jesus and pursue him in a lifestyle characterized by the classic spiritual disciplines.
- Leading people to express their faith 360° around them in terms of ministry, community and compassion towards others.
- Leading people to move Beyond themselves to reach others for the sake of Jesus, whether it be the spiritually lost, economically marginalized, lonely, broken, etc.
Sunday morning services remain our most active ministry. We presently enjoy having two worship teams which lead in a form of worship that would best be described as “contemporary.” There is presently a need to further develop both the leadership and volunteer participation in this ministry.

More recently we have purposefully applied greater effort to expand the scope of making fully devoted followers of Christ. The recent hiring of David Schmidt, June 2008, as Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Ministry Development illustrates our desire to continue to broaden our ‘ministry footprint’ in people’s lives. The children’s ministry, whether it is Sunday mornings, Summer Bible Camp or Community Family Fun Nights, has been our more effective way of reaching families in the communities we serve. A snapshot of various ministries currently serving within the scope of HRAC includes but is not limited to:
Alpha Marriage
Love in Action – a ministry addressing tangible needs in our church family and in High River
Men’s Breakfast (monthly)
KidVenture (Sunday Mornings during the service)
Prime Timers
Fall Festival / Winterlude – community family fun events
Detour (Wednesday evening youth worship, teaching, community events)
Fall Leadership Retreat (Weekend following Thanksgiving for Elders, Staff and spouses)
Higher Ground Coffeetime – following Sunday services