Williamstown Christian Church

Pastor of Youth and Worship

Williamstown Christian Church
Williamstown, Kentucky, United States

Date Posted: 09/27/2017
Categories: Youth Pastor
Denominations: Christian Church
Church Size: 151 to 250
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Williamstown Christian Church is seeking a full-time Worship & Youth minister. Williamstown Kentucky is home of the life sized Noah’s Ark replica and museum and is located 45 minutes from Lexington, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio, and only an hour from Louisville, Kentucky. The minister will lead a contemporary service and a traditional service each Sunday morning. As student minister, the minister will work with those in 6th grade – 12th grade. The position includes a 3 bedroom parsonage next-door to the church, and salary will be commensurate with experience. You may mail your resume to 318 N. Main Street, Williamstown, KY 41097 or email it to adam@williamstownchristian.com.


 Position Profile


Job Title: Pastor of Youth and Worship


One Sentence Job Description

To help kids, students and families find Jesus and teach them to be his lifelong followers.



Direct Report

 Accountable to Senior Pastor


Works closely with all team leaders to ensure that kids, students and families are all being most efficiently reached within the church


Primary Duties

  • Make your personal relationship with Jesus your number one priority and model him to the world
  • Make your relationship with your family your number two priority
  • Be in active relationships with un-churched, de-churched, and unbelieving people
  • Help WCC fulfill the mission of reaching those far from Jesus and teaching them to be his lifelong followers
  • Be involved in students’ lives outside of the church (i.e., attending ball games, 4H shows, attending school lunches, etc.)
  • Be connection point between youth and families
  • Overall responsibility for leading WCC Youth Ministry
  • Meet with and lead Youth Committee 


Lead WCC Youth Ministry (75% of full time)

  • Lead, shepherd and grow WCC Youth Ministry
  • Provide weekly experience for students grade 6-12 on a weekly basis
    • This experience will include, but not be limited to, fun games; a time of worship led by a worship team or some other effective method; a creative Biblical message; help of a volunteer team.
    • Coordinate teaching series for WCC Youth Ministry
      • All series should be practical and Biblical
  • Weekly Supervise/Lead Sunday School/Small Groups for WCC Youth
    • Work closely with youth Sunday School leaders to make sure they have material needed or lead those groups
  • Recruit, train and develop volunteers for WCC Youth Ministry
    • Responsible for recruiting volunteer leaders
      • Volunteers of both sexes must be recruited to ensure gender based groups can happen when needed.
      • Train Volunteers to meet the needs of students
      • Ensure all volunteers have had background screening
  • Lead and organize an annual winter retreat
    • Our goal is 65% involvement
  • Lead and organize an annual summer retreat/camp
    • Our goal is 80% involvement
  • Lead and organize at least one missions/service opportunity for students each year
    • This could be in our communities at home or abroad
  • Raise up student leaders who will lead worship, teach, lead in other areas of WCC Youth
  • Provide prayer and encouragement to youth through difficult decisions and life situations
  • Ensure the safety of WCC Youth during all activities
    • Research all camps/retreats for safety concerns
    • Responsible for all youth being supervised during all activities
    • Confirm all youth have appropriate signed permission slips/safety and medical forms from parents


Lead Williamstown Christian Church Worship Ministry (25% of Full-Time)

  • Lead, shepherd, and grow WCC Worship Ministry
  • Plan, rehearse, and implement music for both Sunday Morning Worship Experiences (Traditional/Contemporary)
    • This experience will include, but not be limited to: selecting worship songs for service; put selected songs into PCO, schedule musicians for worship service, organize special musical performances.
  • Plan and implement a rehearsal weekly that allows the greatest number of worship team members to attend.
  • Recruit, train, and develop new worship team members from the congregation or outside the congregation.


Develop Tools and resources for Families to grow spiritually

  • Help train parents that they are God’s plan for raising their families; the church is an aid to their work, not vice versa


Secondary Duties

  • Build community with WCC Youth and volunteers
    • Youth
      • Meet youth where they are: attending ball games, events, 4H shows, school lunches, etc.
      • Correspond weekly with youth - send encouraging letters, cards and texts 
    • Volunteers
      • Meet with each volunteer at least once per quarter face-to-face to see how they can be encouraged and equipped
      • Send letters, cards, and texts of encouragement and thanks weekly
      • Allow pastor to know who needs encouragement so he can send encouragement as well
  • Participate in necessary meetings and project management
    • Attend weekly staff meeting.
    • Attend monthly board meetings
      • Submit monthly reports for board
    • Communicate ongoing needs and upcoming events on a weekly basis to parents and congregation via:
      • Announcements during service as needed
      • Facebook
      • WCC website
      • Text message
      • Email 
      • Church bulletin
      • Etc.
    • Consistently tithe to WCC
    • Regularly promote WCC on social media 
    • Attend all WCC events as available
    • Pursue personal leadership and growth
      • Find and meet with a mentor
      • Listen to weekly podcast to develop growth, suggested but not limited to:
        • Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
        • Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast
        • Other sermons
    • Read the following on Leadership
      • “Deep and Wide” by Andy Stanley (read within the first two months of employment - if you have already read it, read it again)
      • “The Blessed Life” by Robert Morris (read within the first two months employment - if you have already read it, read it again)

Character Traits


    • Passion for Jesus and his church
    • Passion for your family
    • Desire for the lost to be saved
    • Self-starter who shows initiative
    • Humble
    • Loyal
    • Thick skinned
    • Soft hearted
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