Harvest Community Church

Pastor of Connections

Harvest Community Church
Eugene, Oregon, United States

Date Posted: 08/07/2017
Categories: Associate Pastor
Denominations: Baptist --SBC
Church Size: 251 to 350
Job Type: Part-Time

Job Description:

The Pastor of Connections works under the supervision of the Lead Pastor and in harmony with other staff members and ministry leaders to help fulfill Harvest’s vision and mission.

The Pastor of Connections will be responsible for:
•    Modeling biblical and team priorities
•    Oversight and Execution of the Small Groups Ministry
•    Overseeing and executing the weekend Greeting Team
•    Facilitate connections on Volunteer Teams and execute a strategy to increase volunteering.
•    Oversight and execution of the Harvest Membership Strategy
•    Preach on an as needed basis
•    Other Administrative duties as assigned

This is a part-time position (averages 20 hours per week). We are looking for someone already located in the Pacific Northwest and relocation expenses are not included.

Harvest Community Church is a mid-size church in Eugene, Oregon.  We exist to help people find and follow Jesus.  At Harvest, to help people follow Christ passionately, we seek to help people love God, love others and love the world the way that Jesus loves the world.

•    College Graduate
•    Currently attending or graduate of seminary
•    5+ years formal experience working with guests and leaders in a church environment

Pastor of Connections

Job Description:

The role of the Pastor of Connections (PC) is to oversee the connection and spiritual growth strategy of Harvest Community Church under the direction and leadership of the Lead Pastor.  This is a 20 hour per week position. This will require a firm grasp of the beliefs, values and strategy of Harvest Community Church and the ability to align staff and key leadership teams with its mission, vision and values. The PC will lead guests to a genuine sense of belonging, involvement and spiritual growth at Harvest Community Church by meeting people where they are and leading them to next steps. The PC will facilitate relational connection and spiritual growth of adults through weekend guest services, groups, volunteer teams, and connection of new members.

The Pastor of Connections will be responsible for the following:

1. Modeling Biblical Priorities:
Responsible for upholding Biblical priorities and core values of Harvest Community Church. The PC should represent a growing personal relationship with Christ. The PC models a strong relationship with his or her spouse (if married) and children (if applicable). The PC strives to fulfill his or her purpose in life and ministry while demonstrating integrity in words, relationships and actions. These objectives are accomplished by:
•    A passionate follower of Jesus Christ
•    Meets the standards of a leader set out in 1 Timothy 3:1-12.
•    Committing to a daily time with God.
•    Participating in a Harvest Community Church small group on a regular basis.
•    Setting appropriate boundaries to protect character and integrity.
•    Developing personal evangelism opportunities within and outside the church.
•    Adhering to and encompassing the qualities and characteristics required of Harvest Community Church employees, as defined by the Staff Handbook.
•    Attend a weekly worship service at Harvest.
•    Set appropriate boundaries to protect character and integrity.
•    Support the ministries of Harvest by faithfully giving at least 10% of income.

•    Be passionate about ministering to people and have a vision for empowering others to minister to people
•    Able to have fun and laugh at self
•    A team player with leadership skills
•    A proactive communicator
•    Understands cultural trends while also committed to biblical truth
•    Passionate ownership of the vision, mission and values of Harvest Community Church
•    A positive attitude and teachable
•    Relational chemistry (a good relational fit) with the staff and the Church
•    Participate and promote other church wide events.
•    Be an active staff team member and participate in weekly staff meetings
•    Meeting with Lead Pastor weekly
•    Called to pastoral ministry.
•    Skilled with pastoral care.
•    Preach on an as needed basis
•    Any other duties as assigned

2. Oversight and Execution of the Sunday Morning Greeting Team:
Responsible for creating an environment that welcomes new guests and provides next steps toward connection and spiritual growth:
•    Leading, equipping and empowering guest service volunteers (ushers/greeters/signage/etc.) in providing high impact first impressions.
•    Removing roadblocks from a newcomer’s experience in all Harvest Community Church services.
•    Providing volunteer team with current guest services best practices from innovative customer service focused organizations.
•    Ensuring that kiosks, booths, signage and key areas are clear, current, and focused on new people.
•    Ensuring that the guest services team answers questions and provides remarkable customer service on a consistent basis.
•    Creating and continuously improving follow-up methods to ensure that newcomers are plugged in to Harvest Community Church.
•    Train current and new Harvest Community Church leaders to provide a relational pathway that will help guests become regular attenders and help regular attenders plug in to spiritual growth, groups, volunteering and giving.

3. Oversight and Execution of Small Groups Ministry:
Constructs practical onramps and systems to help people move from visiting to belonging and growing:
•    Developing a systematic and effective effort to connect people in small groups (sign-up areas, stories, all-church promotions, webpage, etc.).
•    Overseeing information and tracking of small group participants and leaders.
•    Implementing a leadership development strategy to identify, recruit, train, develop and coach small group leaders.
•    Working with the senior leadership team to develop a content strategy option for small groups around sermon-based lessons and/or other resources.

4. Facilitate Connections on Volunteer Teams:
The PC leads people in discovering their God-given shape and helps them plug into a ministry by:
•    Creating an environment and system that is conducive for plugging new people into ministry.
•    Working with ministry team leaders to recruit, train, empower and appreciate volunteer team members.
•    Create a place/space in the building to feature project driven, time bound volunteer opportunities
•    Championing the leadership development strategy for volunteers.
•    Providing centralized efforts for training leaders (retreats, tools, etc.)
•    Communicating clear vision and wins for volunteer teams on a regular basis.
•    Producing videos, verbal announcements, web page information, etc. about serving at Harvest Community Church.
•    Building systems and structures that lead people from being spectators to volunteers.
•    Coordinating with ministry leaders to measure and monitor volunteer connections.

5. Oversight and Execution of Harvest Community Church Membership Strategy:
The PC connects new attendees with the Harvest Community Church vision. The PC also helps people discover their unique purpose and provides next steps in becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ:
•    Overseeing new member classes and connection opportunities.
•    Teaching Harvest Community Church membership expectations, along with the Lead Pastor.
•    Sharing benefits of Harvest Community Church membership.

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