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Ada, Michigan, United States

Date Posted: 08/04/2017
Categories: Missions/Domestic - Missions/Int. - Other
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 7501 to 10000
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:


Ada Bible Church has a heart for strengthening and equipping the church as it seeks to “make disciples of all nations”. We are seeking a full-time Director of Missions who will lead this charge. We’ve summarized our vision for the position in the following paragraphs. Please read it thoroughly as you prayerfully consider the opportunity.



What is Missions all about at Ada Bible Church?


Missions at Ada Bible Church is all about strengthening and encouraging churches locally and globally as they evangelize, disciple, and demonstrate Christ’s love to their communities.  We have three primary strategies to accomplish this:  Training & Equipping, Compassion, and Trips.



What kind of Training and Equipping activities does Ada Bible Church do?

At Ada Bible Church, we understand that we are not perfect and that we still have much to learn.  Nonetheless, we also know that we have much to offer to other churches and to other pastors.  We love training and providing resources, especially to under-resourced churches and pastors around the world.  We intentionally seek “train the trainer” opportunities, where we can offer training to those who can then go and offer that training to others, thereby multiplying the reach and effectiveness of the training.  We send teams around the world to offer training, while also welcoming other churches and pastors to come to us.  We seek to have a well-rounded and well-structured Training & Equipping ministry.

The Director of Missions will:

  • Formalize our Training & Equipping Ministry
  • Increase our Training & Equipping Output
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our Training & Equipping

The Director of Missions will not conduct all of the trainings personally, although may do so on occasion depending on the topic and need.


What kind of Compassion activities is Ada Bible Church involved in?

Ada Bible Church is heavily involved in Compassion ministry.  We love to demonstrate Christ’s love and declare his Good News through acts of service and humanitarian relief.  As much as possible we try to partner with local churches around the world to offer that relief, but we partner with other organizations as well.


We encourage service opportunities to function at the small group level.  We believe that as people share life and pursue God together in a small group, they should leverage that time and those relationships into reaching and serving their community.


The Director of Missions will:   

  • Create, maintain, and oversee strategic partnerships with compassion organizations;
  • Partner with ABC’s small groups ministry to find and encourage service opportunities for small groups.
  • Enhance the visibility of service and compassion ministry at Ada Bible Church so that attenders and guests are aware of how much ABC loves its community & world and become inspired to participate.
What kind of Mission Trips does Ada Bible Church do?

We offer three types of Missions trips:

Spiritual Formation Trips

A Spiritual Formation Trip is what most people think of as a typical “missions trip.”  A group of people travel somewhere, offer their service and maybe run a bible camp for children.  These types of trips are great for the participants of the trip, but are not generally known for making a large or lasting impact in the community they serve.  Still, there is tremendous value for the participant in giving of their time to serve others and in getting out of their comfort zone to experience people hurting in the world around them.  Our hope in these trips is that we can offer some assistance to a community, but mostly that the trip can have a life-changing impact on the participants of the trip.  We rate Spiritual Formation trips as “Good” trips.

Skilled Professional Trips

A Skilled Professional Trip can be similar to a Spiritual Formation trip, but is much more focused and intentional.  On a Skilled Professional trip, a group of people with specific expertise will visit another community and offer that expertise in order to offer compassion, relief, service, and the good news of Jesus Christ.  A great example of this would be a group of doctors and nurses who went and offered medical services to an impoverished area.  We rate Skilled Professional Trips as “better” as they are more likely to have a large and lasting impact on the community, while still providing spiritual formation benefits to the participants of the trip.

Training Trips

A Training Trip is a trip where we take a group to train pastors and other church leaders who can in turn train others.  We view these as the “best” kind of trips to take as they are likely to have a large and long lasting impact, and that impact can be multiplied.

The Director of Missions will:

  • Provide planning, coordination, and follow up support for all missions trips.
  • Provide training for leaders and participants of missions trips.
  • Create strategic partnerships with global churches and other organizations related to missions trips.
  • Enhance the visibility of missions at Ada Bible Church to inspire others.
What are you looking for in a Director of Missions?

We are looking for someone who:

  • Will champion the big picture missions philosophy and strategy of Ada Bible Church and will lead through the smallest details of implementation. We’re looking for someone with a proven record of communicating and executing a vision.
  • Has documented experience leading, training, and accomplishing through teams.
  • Has experience developing local and regional training initiatives.
  • Has experience leading cross-cultural initiatives. The Director of Missions needs to not only be comfortable in cross-cultural settings, but have an enthusiastic heart for them.
  • Has experience in setting goals, maintaining oversight, and holding others accountable for goals.
  • Is an excellent communicator and vision-caster. The Director of Missions needs to be able to quickly and concisely sell the vision of Missions at Ada Bible Church, both in interpersonal settings, and through a strong stage presence.

Beyond these things, basic qualifications include:

  • You have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • You are a committed Christian pursuing a life of obedience with beliefs that are consistent with Ada Bible Church’s statement of faith and constitution.
  • You are available to travel domestically and internationally as needed.
Ready to apply?

If this all sounds good to you and you would like to join us, we want to learn more about you.


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