Southern Gables Church

Pastor of Worship & Media Arts

Southern Gables Church
Littleton, Colorado, United States

Date Posted: 08/02/2017
Categories: Worship Pastor
Denominations: Evangelical Free
Church Size: 501 to 750
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:



Southern Gables Church has a rich history of ministry in Southwest Denver and beyond. We have two Sunday morning services with an average attendance of 550 people. We are committed to a ministry of high theological truth and high cultural relevance. Though we are progressive in our outlook and philosophy of ministry, we are also mindful of tradition and the history of the Church. Our desire is to shape our worship with a strong intergenerational emphasis while simultaneously emphasizing our call to make disciples of the emerging generations. Therefore, we seek a full-time Pastor of Worship & Media Arts to help us fulfill our mission: Advancing Jesus’ Life-Transforming Movement of Disciples Making Disciples. The ideal candidate will have a vibrant faith in Jesus and desire to make disciples by leading the congregation into worship of our glorious God.



Our greatest goal in corporate worship is that all people worship God in “spirit and truth.” To make sure that our services have a strong intergenerational appeal and remain theologically grounded, we will thoughtfully blend theologically sound familiar songs with modern songs, but with a definite bias toward modern arrangements and instrumentation. We believe the congregational voice is the primary instrument of worship, thus congregational participation is essential.


We desire to utilize the many musical gifts in our congregation within the framework of a modern contemporary service. While the primary core of our presentation will be a worship band—acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, vocalists—we also desire to utilize, when helpful in creating a rich and contemporary sound, the accompaniment of other instruments as well: viola, cello, brass, piano, organ, woodwind, voice, etc. This will encourage multiple generations to give themselves and their gifts to God in corporate praise.


Moreover, we envision a variety of presentations within a contemporary framework to help keep our worship fresh and to utilize the gifted persons God has given to us. One week might utilize a praise band while the next week would add a viola and a cello to the mix and yet another week might be a simpler acoustic presentation. In addition, we desire to thoughtfully utilize technology and the visual arts within the scope of God honoring worship as a means of enhancing our times of worship while utilizing the gifts of a larger segment of our congregation.



The Pastor of Worship & Media Arts must meet the qualifications of “elder” according to 1 Timothy 3. Equally important to musical competencies are character competencies. The Pastor of Worship & Media Arts must have the ability to be a servant leader and be willing to model for the congregation and musicians what a fully devoted disciple of Jesus Christ looks like.



The Pastor of Worship & Media Arts will be an individual who is visionary and creative in the ways and means of leading people to worship God. It calls for a leader who can communicate direction in such a manner as to inspire others to join in the pursuit of that vision. The Pastor of Worship & Media Arts must have the ability to connect with the congregation in such a way that it encourages deeper involvement in worshipping God. Although we cannot force anyone to worship God, nor would we want to, we are looking for a leader who can lead and inspire others to deeper levels of commitment and worship. We are looking for a leader who strikes a balance between participation and performance, edification and evangelism, reverence and celebration, immanence and transcendence, head and heart, in worship leading.


In addition to the leadership element, our worship leader must be knowledgeable in sound theology as expressed in the EFCA Statement of Faith (See  The Pastor of Worship & Media Arts must have the theological sophistication to make sure all songs are doctrinally sound. The ideal leader is one who is a lifelong learner in the theology and discipline of worship.



  1. Care for the Musicians: Our musicians should be built into a cohesive, unified community that

    plays well and loves each other. This includes times of fellowship and member care. The

    Pastor of Worship needs to be one who loves people.

  2. Increase Participation: Southern Gables Church is blessed with a tremendous amount of

    unutilized or underutilized talent. We’d like to see the entire ministry built up to increase

    passion and involvement.

  3. Developing Leaders: The Pastor of Worship should identify other worship leaders who need

    to be developed for use in our church and the larger Body of Christ.

  4. Create Environments Conducive to Worship: The Pastor of Worship must have the ability to

    creatively design services that are often coordinated with the preaching theme, which inspire the congregation to more fully worship God. This includes optimizing our lighting and creative staging to maximize impact.

  5. Implement the Vision: The Pastor of Worship must be wholly committed to our vision of disciples making disciples, beginning in his walk with the Lord, spilling over into his family and neighborhood, and finally extending to the musicians who are part of his team. He is a disciple-maker first and a musician second.

  6. Master Coordinator and long-range service planner: The Pastor of Worship will work closely with the Sr. Pastor to make sure our services are adequately planned.

  7. Scheduling—The Pastor of Worship will be responsible for scheduling all the musicians. Our worship team members participate on a rotating basis to encourage broad participation and to avoid and individual musician burnout.

  8. Oversee A/V Technology: The Pastor of Worship will be ultimately responsible for making sure all our sound and visual equipment is properly functioning.

  9. Media Arts: The Pastor of Worship is responsible, in conjunction with the Media Arts Director, to plan and produce video clips and worship segments that will enhance the advancement of our vision and celebrate what God is doing in our midst.

  10. Sundays & Midweek Practices: The Pastor of Worship should plan on leading services for 46 Sundays per year and for scheduling leadership in his absence. Moreover, a regular weekly worship team practice should be held to ensure that Sunday is a quality worship experience.In addition, there will be additional planning and rehearsals for other musical services are required, i.e., Christmas concert, Good Friday, Easter, hymn sings, etc.
  11. Develop Other Musical Ministries of Worship: Although not directly responsible for music in our children’s ministry or youth ministries, the Pastor of Worship, in conjunction with other ministry leaders, should proactively identify and develop the next generation worship leaders to be used in corporate praise of God.
  12. Special Events: The Pastor of Worship will be responsible to develop a yearly Christmas concert for our church and the community in conjunction with other gifted musicians and their leadership abilities.
  13. Additional Oversight: In addition to worship leadership through music, another area of oversight will be assigned based upon giftedness, passion and need.



The ideal candidate will have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on music, pastoral leadership or theology and at least 2-years-experience in leading worship. The candidate should be able to demonstrate personal musical excellence vocally and instrumentally. The ideal candidate will have a strong background and love for a wide range of Christian music—from hymns to songs recently written. Moreover, in addition to the above training and experience, the ideal candidate will exhibit a growing and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. The Pastor must be in full agreement with the EFCA 10-point Statement of Faith.



If you believe you show promise in fulfilling this ministry need, please submit to our Search Team a ministry resume with references, your philosophy of worship, 2-3 orders of service examples from past services, plus a DVD or recording of you leading worship. You may submit these via email at or by sending an email link to your website with the above postings. We will acknowledge your submission as soon as we get it and keep you updated in the process.


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