Faith Community Church - Elkhart

Associate / Assistant Pastor - Children's Pastor - Youth Pastor

Faith Community Church - Elkhart
Elkhart, Indiana, United States

Date Posted: 07/25/2017
Categories: Associate Pastor - Children's Pastor - Youth Pastor
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 101 to 150
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Faith Community Church of Osceola, Indiana is looking for its next Assistant / Associate Pastor. The AP will oversee ministries from around the college age down through newborns, as well as be involved with the Young Marrieds group. The candidate will have experience in working with children and youth, and the ability to manage volunteers. The job description will vary depending on the church's needs from year to year, so we are looking for a multi-talented individual.


Some general characteristics of a successful candidate would be: enthusiastic, passionate, out-going (ie. extroverted, not introverted), and entrepreneurial. She or he must exhibit organizational / administrative qualities and a demonstrated capacity to recruit / train / deploy / and retain volunteers in a variety of areas. The candidate will lean toward the charismatic end of the theological spectrum (cessationists would not be a good fit).


The successful candidate will have completed at least an undergraduate bachelorette degree, preferably in some field applicable to ministry. Alternately a candidate will be considered with a bachelorette degree in an unrelated field who has taken additional coursework in a ministry field.


At this point we believe one of the main foci for the position will be on children’s ministries, helping to attract and lock-in young families relationally and through quality programming. Additional possible combos could be with youth, young marrieds, and worship.


Our preference is for a younger married person, as part of the job will involve working with the young marrieds group.


A brief description of our church would be: We are an Evangelical church, meaning that we take the Bible seriously as the definitive Word of God and that we are called to actively make its Good News known. We are an Empowered church, meaning that it is our desire and intention to cooperate with God's work in the world today as He empowers us by His Holy Spirit with whatever gifts, strengths, and passion is needed to show Himself strong. We are an Engaged church, meaning that we deliberately involve ourselves in the lives of fellow believers in the local church; that we seek out opportunities to serve our local community even as we share the news of salvation in Jesus Christ; and that we actively participate and support global ministry efforts.


Some quick insights: Last year we averaged around 140 people; relocated to our current facility; some folks are charismatic while others not so much; we do mainly contemporary worship, but still sing a couple hymns; are a relational / family-feel sort of church.


You can read the statement of faith online that is standard for an evangelical church (we borrowed it from the Association of Vineyard Churches, with whom we share many similarities).
There are two areas where we take no stand in terms of membership:

(1) whether you can lose your salvation. We have good people on both sides of this discussion, although more would tend to lean toward the "lose" side. But we don't make this a dividing issue. A strong Calvinist needs to look for another church if this is your criteria.

(2) whether tongues is “the” evidence of being filled with the Spirit. We believe in all the gifts, but don't take a stand on the "sole" evidence angle. Again, most would disagree that it is the sole evidence, but do believe tongues is still valid today - whether or not they actual pray in that manner. A pure Pentecostal who needs to see this gift elevated should seek a different church. We would be considered neo-charismatic / 3rd-wave / Vineyardy.


Prior to applying, please take the time to acquaint yourself with our church through the website / videos / statement of faith / sermons that are all linked there:     Applicants who have clearly not even looked at the materials we have made available to prescreen potential compatibility, will not be considered. Personalized cover letters are encouraged when sending in your resume. Thanks :-)


FYI, "Pastor Randy" is the Lead Pastor who does the hiring. 

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