Radiant Church

Worship & Creative Arts Director

Radiant Church
Ludington, Michigan, United States

Date Posted: 03/12/2017
Categories: Church Staff - Combo Positions - Media/Technology - Music Ministry
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 251 to 350
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Radiant Church

409 S Washington Ave.

Ludington, MI 49431






  • Revision: 17/1/12 v3
  • Position: Worship & Creative Arts Director
  • Hours: 40 hrs/week
    Employee is expected to devote the number of hours necessary to complete their respective tasks.  Healthy and forward thinking, time management is the responsibility of the employee.
  • Compensation: ####### (Upon Applying)
    Paid on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.  Two weeks of paid vacation (14 days - not to exceed 3 Sundays) with approval required.  Yearly cost of living increases is standard.  Raises will be determined based on performance and/or increased responsibilities and is determined on a yearly basis.
  • Supervisor: Lead Pastor, Jerry Theis



High level leader capable of providing ministerial oversight, development, and support to the Worship/Production ministries and volunteers.  Communicate with structure and creativity the various functions and vision of Radiant Church.



  • Establish a healthy team rotation to avoid burn out
  • Provide worship for the weekend services and any church-supported events
  • Schedule the Worship/Production volunteers at least 2 weeks in advance using PCO
  • Introduce new songs at a progressive yet healthy pace for the congregation and band
  • Select setlist in line with the vision of the Lead Pastor and the message
  • Keep PCO Services app organized and accurate
  • Manage MultiTracks apps & database (purchasing, loading tracks, adding new volunteers, etc.)
  • Become familiar with all equipment/settings in the AVL booths
  • Maintain (organize, repair, clean twi, etc.) all AVL equipment in the Sanctuary
  • Establish and clearly communicate short term (month to month) and long term (yearly) goals to the Worship/Production volunteers
  • Prepare and execute all aspects of the mid-week practice
  • Keep supplies well stocked (batteries, water, in-ear buds, drum sticks, etc.)
  • Provide clear “next steps” of growth for each member of the band
  • Onboard new volunteers (create a clear and responsible plan of progress)
  • General oversight of the AVL booth (load media, practice transitions, recordings, livestreaming, etc.)
  • Create a fun, respectful and healthy volunteer work environment
  • Find ways to appreciate volunteers including at least one Worship/Production team party per year
  • Ongoing evaluation of technological, cultural and worship “trends”
  • Cultivate a worship experience for the Elementary and Youth students




  • Weekly meet on Mondays with Lead Pastor to discuss design and communication objectives
  • Demonstrated proficiency with widely used church applications (Wunderlist, Planning Center Online, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, Mac OS, etc.)
  • Keep all digital platforms up-to-date and consistent (mobile app, website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)
  • Full planning and implementation of the follow “regular” tasks: Monthly UPDATE (printed bulletin), Weekly UPDATE (video announcements), Events (on all digital platforms), Message videos, Worship setlist, LiveStream.com, Message notes/graphics, Monthly Youth events & Television & radio broadcast
  • Fully “launch” (promote) all events at least 3 weeks out with larger and paid events posted 2 months out
  • Weekly establish a “balanced” social media post calendar between inspiration (adding value) and event advertisement (informational)
  • Familiarize yourself with and maintain all design equipment (GoPro, slider, DSLR camera, field audio, drone, 4k video cameras, etc.)
  • Organize digital assets (purchased video, stock images, songs, etc.) and hard drive space 
  • Add to the library of Radiant Church’s stock footage and photos
  • Actively re-design outdated elements (fresh look, updated information, etc.)
  • Establish and follow consistent standards (image size, formatting, export settings, labeling, etc.)
  • Create message series branding (video intros, graphics package and stage design)
  • Capture, organize and edit events for a yearly recap video.  Smaller recap videos may be used throughout the year to celebrate the wins
  • Demonstrated passion promoting the use of arts and technology, with a relevant and dynamic approach to ministry for maximum local cultural impact




  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ that results in a life lived in obedience to the will of God as described in the Word of God, evident by spiritual fruit and the desire to grow in the Lord
  • Beliefs consistent with Radiant Church’s “Statement of Faith”
  • Visionary leadership and forward-thinking in a highly creative culture
  • Create yearly goals and track team with oversight
  • Proven ability to recruit, train, develop, equip, and empower leaders of teams
  • Strong administrative and organizational skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Previous worship leading experience required
  • Positive attitude
  • Takes initiative in solving problems with team-centered results in mind
  • Strong conflict management and resolution skills
  • Ability to work within a highly collaborative environment to fulfill vision
  • Genuine servant-hood, Gospel-centeredness, and spiritual maturity
  • Good communication skills with ministry heads, staff and congregation members
  • Ability to work well with different personalities, ages, etc.
  • Adhere to the “Radiant Church Honor Code”
  • Regularly tithes (10%) to Radiant Church
  • Establish and manage yearly budgets for both the Worship/Production and Creative Arts ministries




  • First year: 90 day & 6 month Performance Review
  • Annual Self-Appraisal and direct report Performance Review
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