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Video Producer/Editor/Storyteller star

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Keller, Texas, United States

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Not Applicable
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1501 to 2000
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This role is part of a creative team responsible for producing creative, relevant and effective communications that help lead people to experience a passionate life in Christ. This role will tell stories through video and take all video/film communications to a new level of excellence. This role is responsible to capture and edit content. This role reports to the Creative Director.





  • Responsible for shooting and editing videos from beginning to the finished product.

  • Responsible for creating weekend media content for the services

  • Responsible for creating media content for special projects.

  • Provide leadership to the media volunteer team

  • Participates in creative team meetings and contribute ideas, support and critique

  • Remains current on technologies, trends and styles used video production industries

  • Mentors and develops ministry volunteers

*Other duties as needed to ensure proper workflow of the Keystone Creative Team.


  • Strong creative and artistic ability

  • Interpersonal Skills – Ability to interact with Keystone team members and media volunteers.

  • Build rapport and trust with the Keystone team by maintaining a high level of integrity and honesty.

  • Create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding with the Keystone team.

  • Be a consistent strong team player for the Keystone team.

  • Ability to exhibit flexibility on a consistent basis (variable deadlines, changing direction, etc.)

  • Possess strong initiative on creative projects, assignments, etc.

  • Exhibit Organizational Skills - Ability to organize tasks and responsibilities.

  • Must utilize several skills at one time – be able to multi-task on a consistent basis.

  • Work with Todo lists programs (Todoist, Basecamp, etc)

  • Strong Communication Skills – Ability to listen, interact, understand and respond to the Keystone team.

  • Excellent Listening Skills – Ability to attend and listen to team members, not only hear but attend to their visual/graphic/media needs and take action to execute with excellence in all projects..

  • Leadership Skills – Ability to lead by example to the Keystone team members and media team.


  • Video Editing – Final Cut or Adobe Premiere – Required 2-3 years experience

  • Video Animation – After Effects or Motion* - Required 2-3 years experience
    *Experience with Cinema 4d – added benefit

  • Video Filming – Ability to work with High Definition cameras/lighting/audio, DSLRs, knowledge of lenses, etc.


  • The minimum education required for this position is a high school diploma.

  • College hours desired in graphic design/video/media, etc.


Candidate must be called and have a heart for Keystone Church. He/She must display a strong support for the leadership and vision of Keystone Church, which is to lead everyone to experience a passionate life in Christ.

Dropbox Link to Job Description - https://www.dropbox.com/s/kitpx8aytfpk00n/VideoProducerEditorStoryteller-JobDescription2016.pdf?dl=0
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