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Generations Community Church

Pastor/Director of Worship Arts

Generations Community Church
Nicholasville, Kentucky, United States

Date Posted: 05/10/2016
Categories: Worship Pastor
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 101 to 150
Job Type: Part-Time

Job Description:

We're looking for the right man or right woman who can help us develop our corporate worship and develop our musicians. We hope to find that person and hire them by mid-August, 2016.


Things that make us stand out:

  • We didn't even have a worship service the first two years we existed as a church. We launched with Kidstuf - and we still have a passion for families and church working together.
  • We "replace" our worship service with an intergenerational one once a month (meaning EVERYONE is in worship).
  • Anyone who's worked at Generations has said it was one of the best jobs they've ever had.
  • We're one of the most politically diverse congregations in Nicholasville.
  • We're effective at reaching the disenfranchised and unchurched of our community.
  • We like to have fun, laugh at ourselves and try new things. We're not stuck in a style, mode or decade. (We still like to quote from the Princess Bride, though.)
We know. It's sounds too good to be true. That's okay. We encourage you to vet us.
Current in-house musicians include: a drummer, two acoustic guitarists, a keyboard player (who is having a baby this month) and a handful of vocalists. Sorry, but our bass player moved to Alabama. That's okay, we'll find another one (or they'll find us).
We anticipate this position taking 10 hours/week. We currently have ONE Sunday morning service.
Below, you'll find the official job description (or memorandum of understanding):

Rough Draft Memorandum of Understanding for Worship Leader

This would be the MOU between you and our Lead Pastor, Max Vanderpool. When you see "I" below, that refers to Max. Obviously, you're "you." (And what a great you you are!)


Our Mission:

We will work hard to turn religiously tired people into followers of Jesus Christ who, in turn, will do the same for their children and others. We will not lose this generation or the next! (Matthew 28:16-20; Psalm 78:1-5)


Our Values:

  • Get your hands dirty
  • Don’t fake it
  • Have fun
  • Be flexible
  • Live like Jesus is KING
  • Take your faith home with you
  • Church is family, not a business


Our Aspirational Values (we don’t have these yet, but I want to get us there):

  • We expect leaders, parents and followers to reproduce (other disciples)
  • We’re not here for ourselves. We’re here for the lost, hurting and lonely


What I’m (Lead Pastor) asking you to endeavor:

I want you to “own” Sunday mornings – basically everything that’s presented from the “stage” in the big room. Here’s what that involves:

  1. Guard your walk with Jesus. You can’t give what you don’t have – that means YOU, above all people, have got to be right with God and walking with God.
  2. Spend some time developing relationships with non-Christians. Everyone who says they follow Jesus should do this. Even those of us “paid to do God-stuff in church.”
  3. Build and lead the necessary teams to produce worship that brings people into the presence of God. (This includes consistent rehearsals, workshops and other tools necessary to incorporate new people and develop “old hands.”)
  4. Plan corporate worship in consultation with me.
  5. Coordinate and oversee song selection, media prep and presentation, sound (and eventually lighting) enhancements. This means everything is checked for accuracy.
  6. Shepherd the worship team (and tech team). This means relationships. Know them. Love them. ‘Nuff said.
  7. Manage the budget for worship.
  8. Be a scout for new and future musicians so there is always a replacement in mind or another team.
  9. Know what our teens and kids are singing and listening to. Incorporate those songs in our “song list.” This communicates to teens and kids that their presence is valued.
  10. Don’t be afraid of versatility. A choral piece with the right people is okay. A folksy-grunge piece is okay. A country song is okay. We’re not married to style. We’re married to mission. (That means you and I cannot allow ourselves to become musical snobs.)


What you can expect from me:

  • Advance planning for sermon series. I typically have the church year (August-May) mapped out during the summer with the major themes and bottom-lines posted in Planning Center. I work ahead – so that you can plan ahead.
  • Flexibility. Need to swap out a song last-minute? Feel God moving in a particular way? I’m not going to penalize you for deviating from the “plan.”
  • A champion for worship. I will be IN the service, in front, singing and worshipping. I will model what I want others to do. I can schmooze after the service. It’s a small way I can show others that this is important.
  • Cheerleading, encouragement, support and direction. I get paid $100/hour to coach companies and people on strengths. I can help you become better and stronger.
  • Help, when you ask for it.


What I expect from you:

  • Give this role your best effort.


How we’ll define success in 2017:

  • Stories/anecdotes of people encountering God on Sunday mornings at Generations.
  • New or innovative aspects of worship that “catch people off guard” and “surprise them.”
  • A solid worship and tech team.


Stuff that makes Generations unique (and maybe a little better than other places):

  • Tradition is not god, and there are few sacred cows (other than not wearing suits & ties). This allows for great latitude with song selection, elements and creativity.
  • Folks here LIKE experiences (multi-sensory, tactile, etc.). This allows for unique worship events.
  • You’re not preaching to the choir. A solid “chunk” of folks who come on a Sunday morning are skeptics, doubters and seekers. They haven’t responded to the Gospel (yet), but they are clearly open to encountering God.
  • You’ve got one of the best audio folks in greater Lexington. Have bad experiences with “amateurs” throwing the levers? You’ve got professional-level mixing here. Seriously.