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Living Word Christian Academy

Assistant Superintendent

Living Word Christian Academy
Houston, Texas, United States

Date Posted: 08/29/2014
Categories: Christian Education
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: Not Applicable
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:
  1. A.      NATURE & SCOPE:


The general scope of this position is to uphold the Philosophy and Mission Statement of Living Word Christian Academy (LWCA), Living Word Christian Academy Pre-school and after school program, ABC Pre-school and the summer program by providing a Christ-center educational programs for children in each of these centers.  The summer program needs to be designed to reach out to the community with excellent programs that will challenge children during the summer. Additionally, it is imperative for the Deputy Superintendant to maintain a good and professional relationship with Living Word Christian Academy Board, Licensing Boards and community leaders; and work to diligently grow the schools, raise funds for scholarships and the advancement of academic programs for LWCA or summer programs, and to provide excellent academic programs in a loving environment.




  1. Genuinely regenerated Christian who gives evidence of growing in grace and who is a member in good standing of a sound evangelical church.
  2. Must have a Bachelor’s degree, preferably Master's degree in educational administration or a field appropriate to the assignment.
  3. Instructional Leadership Development (ILD).
  4. Minimum five years successful teaching experience.
  5. Valid Texas Administrator’s certificate
  6. Trained under the Professional Development Appraisal System or be willing to acquire that training.
  7. An understanding of the vision of the school and the ability to implement the vision into the life of the school.
  8. Understand how to read and put together financial reports.
  9. The willingness to grow professionally through in-service sessions, reading, and graduate study as these opportunities arises.
  10. Has knowledge and experience with Human Resource laws.
  11. Has some experience in fund raising.
  12. The ability to represent the district in the absence of the superintendent.
  13. Ability to plan, delegate, monitor, and assess the work of subordinates in the accomplishment of functional activities.
  14. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with top management, fellow employees, community and governmental leaders, and the general public.
  15. Ability to use data to analyze, prescribe and deploy support/instructional strategies to improve student academic performance.
  16. Excellent communication, organization, public relations, and interpersonal skills.
  17. Trained under the Professional Development Appraisal System or be willing to acquire that training.
  18. Ability to respond positively to changes that may occur in a growing environment.
  19. Must be able to work without direct supervision.
  20. As a member of the staff shall cooperate in all team efforts of planning, oversight and leadership
  21. Must be able to work with confidential data.


  1. C.      APPOINTMENT:


The Pastor shall appoint the Deputy Superintendant upon the recommendation of the School Superintendent and the school board for a term of not more than three years and the contract will be considered for extension at the regular February meeting each year.


  1. D.      REPORTS TO:


The Deputy Superintendant shall be responsible to the Superintendent for the performances of all duties as well as the pastor of Living Word Fellowship Church.


  1. E.      SUPERVISES:


The Deputy Superintendant supervises all professionals and support personnel assigned to all the school. During the summer program all personnel assigned to the summer program by the Superintendent.




  1. Works to create an environment where children are held accountable for applying Biblical principles into their everyday lives.

         2.         Compiles data from internal and external sources for the purpose of analyzing issues, ensuring compliance with policies and procedures, and/or monitoring program components.

         3.         Develops a wide variety of documents and materials, independently and/or through delegation to other personnel (e.g. long and short term plans, proposals, policies, budgets, procedures, forms, presentations, etc.) for the purpose of implementing and maintaining services and/or programs.

         4.         Monitors assigned programs and/or department activities for the purpose of ensuring that performance objectives are met within budget and in compliance with established operational practices.

         5.         Oversees programs and related departments as assigned (e.g. curriculum/instruction, technology, human resources, special education, etc.) for the purpose of providing an effective learning environment, achieving organizational objectives while complying with established requirements.

         6.         Participates as a member or facilitator in meetings, workshops and seminars that frequently involve a range of issues (e.g. technology planning, goals attainment, problem resolution, department staffing, etc.) for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.

         7.         Performs a wide variety of personnel functions (e.g. recruiting, evaluating, supervising, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining adequate staffing, enhancing personnel productivity and achieving objectives within budget.

         8.         Recommends solutions to a wide variety of complex issues for the purpose of addressing the operational needs of the schools.

         9.         Communicates effectively with staff, parents, students, and community.

       10.       When necessary attend church planning meetings.

  1. Fund Raising:


a)      Works with the Board of Directors to create fund raising programs for the betterment of the schools including the summer program.

b)      Learns about foundations for the purpose of grant writing so that the school can improve its programs and equipment whether it is for the science lab or computer room etc.

c)      Revisit present fund raising efforts and seek to make them more productive.

d)     Seek to develop a scholarship fund for the purpose of making LWCA available to children whose parents have a serious interest in Christian education but lack the financial means. The Principal must develop a system by which parents qualify to receive these funds.


  1. School Improvement and Community Relations:


a)      Works with the Pastor and Superintendant to develop a productive Board of Directors.

b)      The Principal seeks to actively communicate the school’s vision when the opportunity arises.

c)      Work with the Principal to develop a process with ACSI that would lead the school towards accreditation.

d)      Develop a marketing program that exposes all schools to the greater Houston community for the purpose of increasing the school’s enrollment.

e)      Work with the Superintendent and the Pre-school Directors to organize, market and develop a summer program that effectively serves the needs of the community.

f)        Provides opportunities for staff development.

g)      Work with the Principal, Day-Care Directors to develop a strong school program.

h)      Find effective mechanism that increases the school’s enrollment.

i)        Encourages and promotes parental and community involvement in the educational process.


  1. Administration and Fiscal/Facilities Management:


a)         Complies with Living Word Fellowship Church Policies, state and local regulations, and accreditation agencies.

b)        Maintains an organized, attractive, safe, and clean school environment for learning.

c)         Uses the existing facilities effectively.

d)        Assumes responsibility for the inventory of fixed assets.

e)         Provides proper documentation to support all fund expenditures.

f)          Adheres to accounting policy procedures.

g)        Adheres to policies and procedures for fundraising activities.

h)        Maintains proper control over expenditures by adhering to all Living Word Fellowship Church policies and procedures, by analyzing budget variance, by adhering to staffing guidelines, and by efficiently containing costs as to limit total controllable expenses at or below the budgetary limits; to personally control the petty cash account by making all requests for purchases pursuant to the procedure.

i)          Develop an annual budget in conjunction with School Superintendent for approval by the school board and the Elders of Living Word Fellowship Church.

j)          Work with all managing personal to develop a yearly calendar and maintain the calendar events.




a)         Uses action plan information for self-directed improvement

b)        Takes an active interest in professional organizations to promote improvement.

c)         Engages in professional development activities to improve leadership effectiveness.


  1. H.      OTHER:
  2. Attend board meetings regularly and make presentations to the board.
  3. Participate in professional development activities to maintain current knowledge of human resource rules, regulations, and practices.