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Grace Fellowship

Audio/Visual Lead

Grace Fellowship
York, Pennsylvania, United States

Date Posted: 04/30/2014
Categories: Media/Technology - Music Ministry
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 1001 to 1500
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

We’re not merely looking for an Audio-Visual technician. We’re looking for a humble leader, who has a passion to help a large church consistently deliver outstanding environments where God can move among His people. As our Audio-Visual Team Lead, you will oversee the recruitment and training of our Audio-Visual volunteers, and our entire sound, video and lighting experience for Sunday mornings and throughout the week, so that our people consistently encounter God deeply, without distractions.


Our church is growing quickly. We want someone who can lead and serve people with excellence and humility. You must be able to recruit, train and motivate our audio-visual team volunteers as you model humble, strong leadership, so they are also humble, and consistently provide sound and lighting experiences that are distraction-free and facilitate worship and the increasing surrender of our people.


Sight and sound can enhance or hinder worship. As the leader of our audio-visual ministry, you will have a powerful and direct role helping develop a humble culture that exalts God and facilitates large-scale surrender. Yes, you will oversee the technical aspects of our sound and sight experience, but we also want you to follow our Lead Pastor and Worship Pastor in helping to develop a culture here that facilitates true spiritual awakening among our people. You will be a key influencer in helping us create environments where God moves among us consistently, with as little hindrance as possible. 


God is moving at Grace Fellowship! Over 230 people accepted Christ through our ministries last year alone, and hundreds more have taken deeper steps of surrender to Him. This is no exaggeration. We need a proven leader who will help us take Grace Fellowship to its next stage of development in our audio-visual department. 


As our AV Team Lead, you will lead the way recruiting, training and shepherding our audio-visual volunteers so they are perpetually surrendering to God and providing excellent audio, video and lighting for our worship experiences and events. You will work in one-on-one and group settings. You will lead and oversee our volunteers who have a variety of training and experience with audio, video and lighting equipment. The role of the AV Team Lead is to help our audio-visual volunteers see themselves as missionaries who worship God by working our sound and lighting systems. Whereas managers maintain systems and teams, leaders inspire, train and grow teams and organizations.


We need a proven leader who will take the initiative and help grow our church both in numbers and depth of intimacy with Jesus Christ by overseeing our audio-visual needs and teams. People must respect you, follow you, learn from you and replicate you and your walk with Jesus Christ. Our ministry leaders will need to know how to prevent conflict through good communication, and how to resolve conflict in godly ways should it arise.  You will develop and oversee people by developing and overseeing the processes and systems we use to deliver outstanding sound and sight for our worship experiences and recording needs. You must have solid experience leading people with a shepherding paradigm. You must love God and people, and have a history of demonstrating this consistently, while possessing a keen aptitude for sound and lighting. You will be entrusted with leading our audio-visual teams, overseeing our sound and lighting equipment, mixing boards, and other electronic components that make our entire Sunday morning worship experience (and other events) succeed. The ideal candidate will be characterized by humility, a passion for audio, video and lighting excellence, and leading teams that greatly glorify God. You will work under the direct supervision of our Worship Pastor, whose heart is fully aligned with our Lead Pastor, who joined us in December of 2012. Both of these men have a passion to see people released into worship like never before. You must share this passion. We need an experienced man of God who sees himself as a servant leader who facilitates unbridled worship by supporting the audio, video and lighting needs for our events. You must have a burning desire to leave an eternal legacy that greatly glorifies God by prioritizing the Great Commission in ways that bring Jesus Christ honor and glory.


Personal Requirements

  • Born again follower of Jesus Christ, with personal integrity and an abiding walk of intimacy with God. You must be able to take others where you have personally gone, now are, and are going.
  • You must meet the qualifications of an elder found in 1 Tim. 3:1- 7 and Titus 1:5-9, because these qualifications demonstrate spiritual maturity. You must also agree with our Vision, Mission, Values, Doctrinal Statement and Culture.
  • You must have an obvious love for your wife and children (if applicable). We don’t want you to reach and love others while neglecting your family.
  • You should be in shape physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, prioritizing your own health so that you can run the race for Christ with the biblical mentality of a marathon runner.
  • You must truly love people and be an organized person who is bent toward following-through. It is vital that you are able to conceive, initiate and follow-through with people and processes designed to make disciples.

General Ministry Overview

  • We want you and your family to be excited, engaged Partners at Grace Fellowship.
  • Lead and shepherd our audio, video and lighting volunteers so that our teams are humble, unified and passionate about Jesus Christ, ministering out of the overflow.
  • Ensure our audio, video and lighting equipment consistently function optimally and are manned with enthusiastic excellence by our volunteers.
  • Recruit, train and supply volunteers so equipment is consistently operated with distraction-free excellence.
  • Oversee, maintain, and anticipate audio, video and lighting equipment needs and upgrades for our Auditorium, Youth Rooms, Great Room (in our lower level), multi-purpose room, special events, as they may occur, in our building or as a ministry of Grace Fellowship off-campus. Ensure all our audio, video and lighting equipment meets or exceeds operational excellence.
  • Stay current with trends in style, culture, worship music and audio-visual equipment so that our facility is on the leading edge of usage and delivery.
  • Create annual budgets for our audio, video and lighting equipment, anticipating replacements, upgrades and new needs annually and as they may occur throughout the year.
  • Maintain and replenish inventory to provide audio, video and lighting reinforcement for all events on and off campus including concerts, breakfasts, luncheons, dessert nights, and other similar ministry related events where audio-visual needs exist.
  • Manage audio, video and lighting equipment to ensure our events take place without hindrance. Facilitate equipment repairs, anticipate needs and fulfill them. Help volunteers to do the same, with excellence.
  • Lead and develop volunteer teams that excellently operate our audio, video and lighting equipment for Sunday morning and other events, rehearsals and practices, church-wide.
  • Ensure audio tracks, sound effects, set-lists, batteries, tape and other supplies are provided as needed.
  • Help our Worship Pastor and worship leaders record, edit and produce worship and music recordings for publication.
  • Provide purchasing advice and make approved purchases of all audio, video and lighting equipment as needed (Auditorium, Youth, Pace Setters, Elementary etc.)?
  • Maintain lamp replacement, maintain dimmer work load and input & high voltage module health – Chokes and Coils and Breakers; maintain SOCOPEX and high voltage wiring runs to meet the needs of the current lighting plot; ensure firmware updates are fulfilled for all equipment.
  • Ensure fixtures are moved and hung according to the desires/needs of Worship Pastor and the church Vision and Mission.
  • Participate in planning and creative meetings.
  • Assist with event planning meetings and scheduling in regard to Audio Systems.
  • Assist and anticipate major infrastructure needs and upgrades.

Video Specific (Sunday Mornings)

  • Develop and oversee volunteers to manage staffing and operations for Sunday IMAG needs.
  • Oversee and manage core components to the IMAG System and ensure that the system and volunteers are adequately meeting the needs of Sunday morning worship times, as well as other events.
  • Oversee system allocation and maintenance including, but not limited to, cabling, cameras, monitors, switches and related system repair or replacement.
  • Monitor projector lamp usage in the main auditorium, ensuring its optimum functionality. Plan the upgrade and maintenance of the lamps.
  • Oversee Video and IMAG teams, providing resources and training needed to pull off an event or service including, but not limited to, video backgrounds, movie clips set- lists, batteries, tape and other supplies.?
  •  Supply technical staffing, if needed, for extra segment ministry needs.
  • Oversee and train volunteers who assist with slides and imagery projection on Sunday mornings. This includes background slides, worship song lyrics, worship leader lyrics and chord charts, etc. – everything needed for our sight and sound on Sunday mornings.

Experience & Traits

  • A proven track record of at least 3 years demonstrated experience in the following:
  • You must have a proven track record that demonstrates spiritual maturity, as detailed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. Your life must be characterized by spiritual maturity and the filling with the Holy Spirit.
  • You must have experience successfully leading teams, so they excel and are unified. You must be a leader. This is not a position for a novice leader or a mere audio-visual technician. You must have demonstrated experience leading people so that they are highly motivated to consistently excel and grow in their service to God and His people.
  • You must be an organized self-starting leader who needs little supervision and works well with Senior Staff, staff, volunteers and teams. You must work well with people, respect leadership, submit to authority and resolve conflict in godly ways, should it occur.
  • You must be able to develop, sustain, revise and oversee processes and train people so that our audio, video and lighting teams function with humility, unity and excellence so that God’s blessing is realized to the maximum.

Education and Aptitude

  • Musicality, passion for excellent audio, video and lighting.
  • Teachable, humble spirit; ability to handle stress with spiritual maturity and conflict resolution skills.
  • Working knowledge of mixing boards, sound systems, video and lighting equipment.
  • Familiarity with studio recording processes, mixing and producing.
  • Musicianship not necessary but helpful.

Your Next Steps

  • Send a photograph of yourself and your spouse/family (if applicable), resume, and a cover letter explaining why you have interest in this position with us.
  • Include at least three (3) references from people who have first-hand knowledge of your passion, experience and impact as a leader in the areas and duties detailed in this Job Description.
  • Send your information in PDF format to

We encourage you to pray about joining us. We are praying for God’s man to join God’s movement among us. If we believe you may the person, you will be contacted for an interview.