Background Checks

  • SecureSearch
  • ChurchStaffing.com has partnered with a Christian company, Secure Search, to bring you a trusted source to conduct through background checks on your staff and volunteers at pre-negotiated low prices.
    SecureSearch specializes in providing background checks and other screening related services for employers and non-profit organizations (churches, schools, mentor organizations, camps, etc.). SecureSearch has been working with non-profit and faith-based organizations for over 6 years and we currently have working relationships with over 4000 churches, non-profits and schools. We understand that you must work within your means and still accomplish everything you can to keep your ministry safe and to deter negligent selection of staff and volunteers.
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Personality Assessments

  • Personality Assessments
  • How important is it for you to hire the right person the first time? We are excited to now offer you the same full-featured pre-employment screening and assessment program used by many Fortune 500 companies. We've taken this awesome time-saving tool and totally revamped it for ministry use! Learn More

Post Jobs

  • Post Jobs
  • Finding your next great hire is just a few clicks away! Post your church or ministry's job opening with the number one church staffing site and jump start your hiring process. With your job posting, you'll also receive access to search our ever-growing resume database or pastors and church leaders, while your job posting is active. Post Job Now

Books & Resources

MinistryKeys Candidate Assessment (10 reports)
MinistryKeys Candidate Assessment (10 reports)
Price $149.00 | Add To Cart
MinistryKeys Candidate Assessment (20 reports)
MinistryKeys Candidate Assessment (20 reports)
Price $250.00 | Add To Cart
MinistryKeys Candidate Assessment (30 reports)
MinistryKeys Candidate Assessment (30 reports)
Price $300.00 | Add To Cart
Womens Ministry in the Local Church
Womens Ministry in the Local Church
Price $11.95 | Add To Cart

Hiring Advice & Tips

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