Ministry Architects

Brentwood, Tennessee - United States

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Ministry Architects
Ministry Architects exists to… DESIGN sustainable, deep-impact ministries, one church at a time. BUILD the competence, joy and longevity of ministry professionals. CONSTRUCT bridges to the best ministry resources available today. Our Values CHRIST-CENTERED -Our foundational assumption is that this life, at its best, is found in knowing and following Jesus Christ. PLAYFULNESS -We take God seriously enough to prevent us from taking ourselves too seriously, making laughter, celebration and joy normative expressions of our work. CLIMATE -We establish a climate of non-anxiousness for churches that have become mired in anxiousness, conflict and frustration. RELATIONSHIPS -We build lifelong connections with our clients and connect them to the people and resources they need to accomplish their missions. CREATIVITY -We think “outside the box” to help youth and children’s ministries go beyond traditional models of staffing, structuring and implementation. RESPONSIVENESS -We enjoy giving our clients more than they expect from us, providing them with the tools they need before they can know what tools to ask for. RESULTS-ORIENTED - We are not dispensers of advice, but guarantors of intentional progress. HOLY APATHY -We take time to know our clients, their denominations and their dreams for their own ministries without imposing a one-size-fits-all “model” on churches. THE POOR - We construct our ministry in such a way that those in most desperate need of our services are increasingly served by members of our team.