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By: Luke Miller

You’ve worked really hard putting your resume together. You’ve tracked down all the relevant information and you’ve formatted it in a concise, clear manner using a template or your own design. You feel really confident that a recruiter or hiring manager is going to look at it and see PROFESSIONAL written all over it.

Do you want to make sure that everyone sees the same thing you do? Print a copy as a PDF and send that. Even if you’re using Microsoft Word, there are numerous versions across a number of platforms, and not every copy of the program will display your beautiful resume the same way. And you didn’t put all that effort into your resume only to have an employer cast it aside because strange characters and line breaks are showing up all over the place.

The only fail-proof way to make sure that your audience will see what you see is to print your resume as a PDF, then send the PDF file to the potential employer. Most computers will have a built in “Print to PDF” option, but if not, take the time to research and learn how to do this. It will ensure your resume looks sharp to everyone who sees it.

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